What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel – From the Beginning

What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel is the question I asked myself today after I had made the decision to share my behind the scenes.

Well, it was suggested to me today, I should do videos on how I put my videos together for on my YouTube Channel, and for once I have decided ‘why not?’, why not indeed! Accept I was a little embarrassed with my attempt so far.

Let me Explain Further

YouTube is something I have always planned on getting into for a few years now, and here we are and I have 3 Videos on my YouTube Channel. A bit of a joke really, but, it just shows, it takes a bit more than owning the tools to get started with YouTube Videos and create a Channel.

What Do You Need to Get Started With a YouTube Channel?

  • Mindset
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Lighting
  • Video Editing Software

Let me cover these in more detail to give you a better idea of how simple your setup can be, or how expensive you could make it if you so please.


Before you can move forward with starting or uploading your first Video is your mindset. Gosh I thought it would be as easy as pie, until I sat down to do it.

It is now 3 years on from purchasing the software and programs I believed I needed to create my first video, but still, I was missing something, but ventured forth with uploading my first video to my Channel, which you can view right here…

As you can see, it was not the best, but it took me days to put it together, the worse part was the voice over.

My advice to anyone else in my position back then, don’t get too strung up about it, or you will never start. That too is what I realized so just went forth with the uploading of it so I could move on to my next one.

What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel Fast Forward

Lets fast-forward 3 years to today, when we now have my second video that I have created and uploaded.

Mindset… I am finally in the right place, although I have a long way to go with the quality and my personal issues with my voice. I do believe that my mic has a bit to do with that, more on that soon.


What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel CameraSo many options here. It really comes down to budget and personal choice. As Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate taught me, “if you have a ‘SmartPhone‘ you have a camera”, and true that!

Everyone I know has a ‘SmartPhone’! Therefore, unless you don’t have one, you are already on your way to recording your first YouTube video.

Alternatively you can use either an inbuilt Desktop (PC) Webcam or a video camera on a tripod. I had/have both, and it came down to convenience.

Initially I was planning on doing sewing tutorial for me niche website “Learn to Sew at Home”, but that to has been put on hold, as you can see by the date of my last blog post. But, as it was sewing I could not use my PC to do the recording so was looking at a convenient way to prop my Video Camera, out of the way, but with a clear view of what I was sewing… I felt like my simple tutorial posts just magnified into something that was going to take me forever to produce and put things on hold, yet again, and still.

This year, my mindset changed… back with the program but with a new direction, well, so I thought, until today. So out with the tools I need to do my YouTube Channel and dust them off, from my microphone to my lighting.


This is where I feel I am still being let down, and something I have been working on today, is improving the echoed, hollow room noise and crackling… was not happy at all with ALL my voice recordings today, until I used the voice recorder on my phone to simultaneously record the voice separately. Wow, what a difference that has made, it is so much clearer.

I first started out with my PC, then I watched a few WAbinars with Jay at Wealthy Affiliate, who advised to get a standalone mic, which I did. It clips on to my lapel so thought it would be most suitable, but obviously not. Quality may have something to do with it, so don’t be a tight as I was when it comes to paying for one.

I now need to get me a better microphone it will be far more convenient than using my phone, but it will suffice until my new one arrives.

But here is the second video I made for my Channel a couple of weeks ago, where you will here the sound issues I had.

Upon uploading it to YouTube I also realized I had a sizing issue, ho-hum, I thought… but, proceeded to upload it anyway, or it I would not have got it done.

With todays decision to show you how I do my YouTube videos, I am pleased I have this example of embarrassing beginner moments, and iron out the creases.


Well, I now have a collection, what a variety. Once I started looking into how to prop my video camera, I was somewhat amazed at what was available to chose from to hold my camera steady and in position to record.

I also had a friend suggest I needed to record my sewing tutorials from two different angles at the same time to make for better editing and user experience, so I decided I needed something to prop my cellphone to do that for me.

At the end of the day I had managed to pick up a couple of tripods of different sizes from the local secondhand dealers as well as wait for some brackets to arrive that I had ordered online. It was then that I suspend my camera from the ceiling for a better angle of my sewing, which never eventuated.

But as I said, I have all the tools to DO IT NOW!

What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel PhotographerAC

Tripods are available everywhere now days, so pick one up to suit your requirements if you are not using a PC camera to do your recording. Never rely on a steady hand, it just won’t happen.


This is so important if you are going to be presenting yourself in the recording, to have decent lighting. It will make or break the quality of your video. I myself have a ring light, which I myself had not heard of until my daughter mentioned she need one. I did my homework and picked ups up one each to get us started. In time, I may upgrade, but in the meantime, I am happy with what I have as it suits my needs.

What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel Camera

Video Editing Software

Gosh, where to start here? Ok, I will start with what I use, Camtasia. I bought this over 3 years ago, and as you have already read… I have used it but not used what I have tried to produce with it. I have mainly used it as a Screen recorder, as that is what it is, but for personal use. I have only uploaded 2 videos that I have created with Camtasia, which I will do a review on in the near future, not today.

Of late I have been playing with ‘Canva’ and I must say, I love Canva for the graphics for my social media and also I will be using it to create my YouTube thumbnails, but not to sure If I will use their templates for my videos as I have Camtasia.

I think it is important to have a good video editing software if you are planning on creating a YouTube Channel. One like Camtasia gives me so much control of what I can edit and create, I just have not looked into its full capabilities of late. But I do like that I can separate the voice from the video to allow me to do Voice overs, a feature I made sure I had.

What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel mic

I also have CorelDraw X8 which I purchased back when, for my graphic design and to create PDF sewing Patterns and eBooks, but more on that side of things at another time.

Then I realized that I just create a PowerPoint presentation and I can record it and send it directly to Camtasia, so more homework for me to see which is the best way to use it, especially considering I have had voice over issues.

In Summing up on What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel

For a start, I do not believe you need all the above, but similar to what I have and you possibly already have a collection of resources at your fingertips, and not know it.

For me, it was getting over the perfectionism of my first and second videos that created such a delay in getting started.

Although I am not doing what I initially bought all this software for, I am going to put it to good use and help others to achieve getting their YouTube Channels online against all odds.

For the past 3 years I have been gaining knowledge with the best platform in the world. Not only am I learning from the best, but they keep my websites online, which is crucial for an online business, as well as maintain them for me.

As I mentioned earlier, I really utilize the Live Weekly Training Videos with Jay (Magistudio) at Wealthy Affiliate, where I am taught by co-founder Kyle in Bootcamp.

If you too would like access to this amazing training platform please come join me, username Nakijowhere we can connect through the amazing community of like minded supporters.

What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel Wealthy Affiliate

Don’t let the fear of starting stop you from starting…

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8 thoughts on “What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel – From the Beginning”

  1. I can’t wait for further posts, especially since I have all the hardware and software you have mentioned. What’s next, I would love to put all my video’s online. I will definitely be following you for future reference. I will also go and check out the platform you are referring too. Thanks

    • Hi Leigh

      Thank you for your encouragement, I would love to see what you get online when you get started. Be sure to let me know when you have your YouTube Channel set up and I will subscribe to it for sure.

      All the best to setting up your YouTube Channel.


  2. Looking into getting a youtube channel started has been difficult, to say the least! You helped me get a direction and action list, and that is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you!

    • Hi Randi,

      GREAT! Get yourself started! As you can see, my initial videos are not the best, but if you do not put them online, you will NOT get started. I have others in the pipeline and believe they will just get better as I go along.

      All the best to your success on YouTube.


  3. Hi JoAnne,
    Great post! It has all the basic steps and equipment required. Also, GREAT graphics. I was thinking of starting a youTube channel but I’m not really sure I have enough to talk about. In any event, you have given me a good start.

    • hi Frank, Yes I too was there and I am kinda still there actually. Deciding on a direction now I have started. It was not as easy as I was hoping, but it will all pan out and we need to show our subscribers where we started, is what I decided.

      All the best with starting out with Screencast recordings, it can be a lot of fun.

  4. Wonderful content you share here! I have a you-tube channel but don’t do too much there, after reading this I’m very much motivated, this really has some useful tips for when doing video, with your tips I’m starting all my left off video project pretty soon.
    Thank you much for your tips.


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