What Can You Do With Master Resell Rights Products?

Knowing what you can do with Master Resell Rights Products can be a bit daunting until you get the gist of how they work. Although I am taking the time to clarify the terms of Resell Rights, I do not necessarily encourage the use of them to make a Legitimate Online Income with, more on that soon.

Digital products, such as eBooks, Media, and Articles, are often sold with different rights that determine how you, the buyer can use the product. These are usually included in the product or as a standalone file within the download.

It can be a bit confusing at first knowing exactly what you are allowed to do with Master Resell Rights products as they may vary from product to product. It is vitally important that you get it right, though.

Understanding Master Resell Rights Products is straight forward once you start using them, it will soon make sense.

The Differences Explained:

Resell Rights – RR:

Gives you the rights to sell the product to others, in its original state, in conjunction with the terms and conditions within the license. What this means, is you are not allowed to change it in any way or are you allowed to put your name to it as the author.

Always check your license first, as some have their own specific resell rights. You will find they are not all the same. i.e. some items are not allowed to be sold in auctions, such as eBay.

Master Resell Rights Products

Master Resell Rights – MRR:

While resell right allow you the rights to resell the product in its entirety without any changes, Master Resell Rights allow you to resell the product including the resell rights.

There is amazing potential here for buyers with this powerful combination.

You will be able to make a living online, selling these products to others and offering them the rights as well. You have the advantage of being able to keep the product for yourself as well as on sell it to others and generate an online income.

And as for the resell rights – ALWAYS check your license first!

Take a closer look at the individual licenses that come with the product. You will find different limitations about where and how you can sell your product. Always double check.

Master Resell Rights Products Licence
Make Sure You Have the Right Licence!

Private Label Rights – PLR:

When you have private label rights, you can absolutely anything with them; edit or alter so serve your requirements, even claim authorship once done. You could even break the product down and make several different products, The choice is yours.

Many buyers prefer private label rights because it helps save them time and money. It also gives them a basis to create their own product without having to start from scratch.

Giveaway Rights:

Yes, these are what they say –  you can giveaway these products to build a list or as a gift. You may find that other giveaway terms vary from product to product so you must check the actual license.

Note: Most Resell Rights products can also be given away, so you should consider them when looking for a giveaway product. Do check the “actual license” to make sure you are staying within the terms of the license.

Personal Use Rights:

You can use this Personal Use Products for your own personal use for nothing but, your personal use. You “CAN NOT” sell these products!

There are great eBooks and tutorials for you to use and learn from to grow your online business. Always check the age of your documetns to confirm that the information is still current.

Master Resell Rights Products PLR

Understanding Master Resell Rights Products

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Be aware that you need to be careful if you decide that Master Resell Rights are going to be you instant meal ticket and shortcut to content, as you will be pinged for ‘duplicate content‘.

This is a big NO! NO! online and Google does not like it. Your website will be penalised, and I highly recommend writing your ‘ówn original content’ to build out your website with.


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Although Master Resell Rights seam to be the fast track to online content, it may not necessarily be the best option. I personally feel you would be better to pay someone to write for you by outsorucing your content.

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