Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners. If you have already been searching the internet for ways on how to make money online at home, for beginners it can be very confusing and generally have found that most are trying to pitch the best way to do so, but at a ridiculous price.

You will find that their landing page and or video are not common results and when you get down to the nitty-gritty, is not a way that you wish to generate money.

Not anymore, there are Internet Marketers are fighting back with honest and legitimate ways to make money online. By helping people instead of just trying to profit from them, with a genuine way of supplying a need to generate income.

You will find that those online sharing their passion and knowledge of a topic (niche) to those who have the same interests are more inclined to have long-term success online through building up a reputation (credibility) with their audience.

Here at Legitimate Online Income, I want to share with you tried and true ways for you to make a genuine income online with a bit of hard work and dedication you too could have a website online such as this one.Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

There is no Get Rich Quick Way to Make a Legitimate Online Income

You won’t see a successful business created overnight, without having its ups and downs, failures and successes. Generally, these sorts of offers are Scams, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Take heed of these offers and if you must look into them, proceed with caution, read a review on it first. You will find reviews on just about everything imaginable on the internet today, so always do your homework before spending your money.

You will Need a Website!

If you are serious, it does pay to have your own website. There are options out there for free websites and domain names, but they are not usually the best and have a lot of inbuilt advertising and not so user-friendly training and help.

If you after a Free option to get started then I recommend Wealthy Affiliates platform as you get ALL the training you require to get you started, with 24-hour support and NO advertising on your website/blog unless you put it there.

Using WordPress the most user-friendly platform which the search engines like, is in your favor for SEO. With SiteRubix at the Wealthy Affiliate University, you can have your website online in a matter of minutes, ready to be built on from there with all the available training there to do so.

Once you have your website then you can look at following up on making some money off of it. There are a few ways to do this and the follow are just my suggestions, based on what I know works. We are not about to reinvent the wheel here but reiterate the tried and true method that will work with a little time and patience.Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

Here are 5 Ways to Make Money with Your Website/Blog

    1. Affiliate programs
    2. Adsense
    3. Building a list
    4. Amazon products
    5. Create your own product

Building your content to add these to is probably the most important step of your success online. You can just load a page with Affiliate links and Advertising, you can imagine how long they would stay. Would you? You need to take a step back and take a look at it as if you were the customer and need to ask yourself…

Who Is Your Intended Customer and What Problem Are You Solving?

These are the two important things help you identify who they are:

  1. Who is your customer
  2. What problem are you solving

    Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

Let me explain this a little better, I will give you an example.

I am a dressmaker and I wanted to sell PDF sewing patterns a product that eliminates clutter and is available at the end of a download, the pure convenience of it. Then researched websites that sold them, I learned how to create my own and researched related forums and questions around the web.

My findings were that my customer is a woman, of any age who loves sewing, who wants the convenience of shopping at home. Some Problems I would be solving were:

  1. How to print my PDF Sewing Pattern
  2. How to turn my paper pattern into a PDF Sewing Pattern
  3. What software do I need to create my own PDF Sewing Pattern

So how did I make money from this site?

1. Affiliate Programs

With my Learn to Sew at Home website, I signed up for affiliate programs relation to PDF patterns. I did a review on my site and compared the different programs. I found these affiliate programs by typing in the following into Google:

“PDF Sewing Pattern + affiliate programs”

The first one to show was BurdaStyle, so here was my focus for my product and getting my site ready for them to accept me into their affiliate program.

    1. Clickbank
    2. Commission Junction
    3. ShareaSale

There are a lot more out there, but in my niche, I find that I need to apply to the company directly rather than through one of the 3 programs mentioned, either way, you have options.

These are a few that I have used myself and they work great.

Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

2. Adsense Ads

Adsense ads are another way to make money online. Once you have signed up an account with Google Adsense, and you have approval you can log in and get your ad code that you put into your site. When you add this it will show up on your post, page and/or sidebar.

So how it works is when a visitor clicks on your ad you will get paid for it. The amount of the payout to you depends on the competition and demand, and it will vary anything from $0.1 up to $15 – 20 per click.

You are allowed to add up to 3 ad blocks to every page/post and you can customize it so that it blends in with your theme and content, but don not get carried away, it looks messy.

Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

What other Ad programs are out there?

  • Media.net
  • Kontera.com
  • Infolinks.com

Note: If you apply for a new Adsense account you will need your own domain. You can not apply for an Adsense account using a sub domain like siterubix.com.

3. Building a List

You have probably already tripped over this one when looking for ways on how to make money online at home. It is another great way to make money with your website. In building a list, you are capturing your visitors’ email addresses, with their approval. By adding them to your ‘list’ it allows you to keep in contact with your visitors, giving them valuable solutions to their problems. Offering Quality solutions to their problems you will soon become an authority in this field and be the person to go.

Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

The easiest way to capture a visitors email is by giving them something in return for their email address. By putting together a small eBook/course about PDF Sewing Patterns. They get the eBook/course for free by leaving their email address and by doing so I can continue to stay in contact with the visitor with more relevant information.

To stay in contact with your visitor and to be able to collect emails you need to be using a program /software that can help you with this. You need one that is easy to use and it keeps track of your emails follow up emails and broadcast emails to your different lists.Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

Auto Responders:

  1. aWeber
  2. GetResponse
  3. MailChimp

I personally use aWeber, as I don’t feel the need to change since they have served me well. You will find that you can test them with their Free trials available.

4. Amazon Products

Gosh, Amazon, it seems to be the go-to for just about everyone who is selling Affiliate ‘products’ rather than ‘digitized’ products. Unfortunately, NOT everyone one can join. Check their criteria before you base a product on something you have sourced from Amazon to prevent disappointment.

I found that since it is a physical product they had a lot of different options to choose from. It also gave me the opportunity me to broaden the products within my niche as it grew. This only, in turn, benefited my customer and give variety to my website.

The great thing about Amazon products is you not only get paid for the item that they have clicked on with your link, but you also get paid for any other products they click on thereafter in their visit. Starting out you will get 4% commission then the more products you sell the higher the commission you get paid.

As in my case, I may send them to Amazon for the purchase of a rotary cutter. Then, while they are there they buy a new Lounge Suite for $1,600, it will give you $64 with 4% commission. As I said, the big advantage is if they purchase anything at all, not even related to your product you still get paid! Ways on How to Make Money Online at Home for Beginners

5. Create your own product

If you are a complete beginner to internet marketing I would highly suggest that you start out with Affiliate Marketing. Once you have gained some experience and know how to get traffic that converts, you might like to move on and create your own product.

Creating your own product is a great way to make money online. It won’t be easy if you haven’t already got one before you start out online. So, you could make it a long-term goal and by gaining some experience first, will only benefit you in the long run.

In Summary – Know When its Time to Take Action

You need a Website, a product, content, and customers… AND yes it that easy with the right training, attitude, and support

Now I have given you a taste of 5 ways to make money with your own website. I have also shown you where to make money online at home as a beginner, I now want to help you success and follow my success.

At Wealthy Affiliate you too can turn your passion into your online lifestyle choice as I have done.

Still, not clear on ways on how to make money online at home for beginners? Please ask your questions below in the comments, as I am here to help you.

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