SiteRubix Review – The Quick and Easy Website Builder

SiteRubix Review – The Quick and Easy Website Builder

What a Wedsite Builder! Do you need a stunning, professional looking website and don’t know where to start? SiteRubix could be the solution you are looking for.

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is a website building platform, hosted by, where you can join for FREE and launch up to 2 free WordPress sites. Upgrading to Premium Membership will open to door to you being able to host up to 50 websites in total.

Build, Learn, and Succeed

This is an all-in-one platform where you can not only Build a website for FREE, but you get access to 10 Lessons of their BootCamp Training to help you succeed online.


This is a top-notch community of like-minded entrepreneurs such as you and I, sharing, learning and growing together with long-term networks being forged. This is a ‘SPAM-FREE’ zone, with white collar methods and nothing but encouragement! I have never come across anything like it before.

Build Something Amazing

This website has been created by myself with the resources, lessons and support the Wealthy Affiliate community, so SiteRubix has definite worked for me to build something “AMAZING”!

SiteRubix Review - The Quick and Easy Website Builder Legitimate Online Income Home

Now I don’t know about you, but I believe my website looks professional, so thank you SiteRubix and the Team at Wealthy Affiliate for making it possible.

NB: Although I will point out, I am a Premium member and I have a ‘paid’ Domain name but I did start out with FREE membership.

Infinite Website Features

Responsive and Mobile Ready!

This is a must! Responsive themes enables your website to be viewed over the different sized screens without affecting the users experience. With a responsive theme your website will give your users a great experience, with as many as 50% of web browsing happening on tablets and mobile phones.

SiteRubix Review - The Quick and Easy Website Builder Responsive

1000s of Professional Designs

With 1000s of professionally designed website themes to choose from, such as this one, you get that professional look without the price tag. When starting out online, this is a perfect solution, with some themes have paid upgrades to with the growth of your online business.

Once you have chosen your theme your will have the freedom to create the site that you have always wanted.

Features to Extend your Functionality

In time your website will grow and so will your needs of the functionality of your website. You will get access to tens of thousands of features that you can add to your website, with just a click of the mouse. As will your professionalism and you will want o reflect that in your now ‘professional’ looking website. Feel ‘professional’ look ‘professional’ with a website.

The World’s Easiest Website Builder

With the combination of SitRubix and Wealthy Affiliate, this marriage has made it possible for the likes of you and me to get online in minutes with a fully-functional website. Life could not get much better than that in the world of Affiliate Marketers.

Powerful Technology
Experts in their field! This explains it all.

siterubix The Quick and Easy Website Builder

How Much Does SiteRubix Cost?

As you can see it costs nothing to join Wealthy Affiliate. They wont even ask you for your Credit Card details for your FREE trial or the FREE membership, so it is totally risk free. You can Updrage to Premium at any time to take andvateage of the added benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Be aware though, if you take advantage of the Premium membership, then down the track, change your mind. You will be unable to go back to the FREE membership you had. Unfortunately you will need to sign up again.

What will my Domain Name Look Like?

All SiteRubix Domain names are dot coms. This is new, I just created it while writing this,

So, as you can see, SiteRubix in the middle of it. Where this might work for some, it won’t work for everyone, such as myself, especially when I was looking at building the foundation to my online empire.

Yes, you can transfer them over, but that is if the ‘said’ Domain is available, and I did not want to take the risk, so it will come down to personal choice.

What if I Want my Own Domain Name?

As you can see, although you get your amazing FREE Website with SiteRubx, it does not look professional at all! If you are looking at being reputable online, you really do need to buy your own Domain name.

SiteRubix Review - The Quick and Easy Website Builder

This being said, you can buy one within the Wealthy Affiliate community, which is by far the easiest option as it keeps it with your hosting company, no transfers required, which suits the beginner.

How Long Does it Take for my Website to Show up Online?

Once you have your Domain Name and the name of your website sorted, you are literally a minute away from having your own website online.

The process of creating your website with the SiteRubix website builder powered by WordPress.It is pretty much instant, but in all reality… in less than 30 seconds!

Check it out for yourself in this video…

This will get you online, but as you can see, your website has no content. You will need to take time to build out your website, get traffic and get paid.

If only it were that simple, right? Well in actual fact it can be with consistent original engaging content.

In Summing Up

In reviewing SiteRubix – The Quick and Easy Website Builder, this is Legitimate Online Income’s website builder of choice. Not only is it easy to use, but it suits my budget.. what an added bonus for me.

LEGITIMATE – Yes, SiteRubix is recommended by Legitimate Online Income. I have SiteRubix partnered up as the gateway to my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is probably the most popular online training platform and my #1 Recommendation to create a website to build youronline business on. It is a community full of helpful people who encourage and support each other to learn affiliate marketing. It is a place for Entrepreneurs to learn and network, while building their online Business. A place where you can turn your passion into a Legitiamte Online Income.

Get started with SiteRubix when you check out my #1 Recommendation. Click on the link below.

Wealthy Affiliate my #1 recommendation Sign Up

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    • Thank you too, and you are welcome.

      So grateful that you have found good information in this post. It sure does pay to keep up to date with what is happening online as things can cahnge so fast, wtihout notice. It can be ahrd to keep up to date somethimes.

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  2. This is so comprehensive and detailed but at the same time it outlines the program and the requirements so simply. You have made it easy to understand what would be necessary to develop a full fledged site as well as the costs. Be very proud of the site and your ability to share so well.

  3. This article is well done, I love how you structure things and make it easy to understand the siterubix website builder. Very informative and concise.
    Thank you for sharing this information

  4. This article is brilliant and so relevant, I mean which isn’t bombarded with Info about affiliate marketing this new Chinese year!
    This is definitely a standout in the market place thanks to your informative and easy to follow post. Thanks a bunch !

  5. Hey, what an informative post here!

    I like the easy-to-read way you are using to make those complicated for many people things much clearer 🙂

    I have a quick question, do you have any idea if it’s real and possible to actually start making money with a free website like this?

    I have seen there are a lot of people that are hesitant to start a website simply because they don’t have the money or they just don’t want to spend their money on their own domain name and hosting services.

    I appreciate your feedback, and thank for this post!

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Natalie

      Thank you for your positive comment, it is much appreciated!
      To answer your question, yes it is possible to make money on the FREE website, BUT, a lot slower process. An online business is something that you need to invest in with time and a ‘little’ money. The FREE website, to me, it just a taster, play around for FREE. See what works and what doesn’t.
      As I say, this is only my opinion…

      All the best to your success.



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