Legitimate Online Income

You want to start an online business from home, but you are falling short on finding that LEGITIMATE online income opportunity?

Finding this page might feel like winning the jackpot to you once you have read it in its entirety, as that was how I felt when I first came across Wealthy Affiliate!

As I found out, you will find that you have been running around in circles and just confuse yourself that much that you have fear of starting out in the first place. With all this fear of failure going on due to mere frustration. Only to find that while you are checking all this out you have to watch out for the scams, and not get ripped off with a get-rich-quick scheme.

If all this sounds all too familiar and you are need of guidance, support, and just some straight forward answers, then you will find ALL of that at Wealthy Affiliate University. For the past 4 years, it has been my #1 recommendation. It gives me everything I need in one place, no hidden agendas, except to help you achieve.

Legitimate Online Income Opportunity - help is available

Now I am in the position that I want to help you get started on a genuine path to finding a Legitimate Online Income!

My personal experience has lead me to a number of scams and dead end information over the years. As a result I have given up for periods at a time, just out of pure frustration and a lack of online trust. All in all,  it has not stopped me from continually looking for the diamond in the rough and following my dream. It just slowed down the process a bit.

Over the years it has made me more skeptical of handing over my money. But, it was this skepticism in turn that I arrived at Wealthy Affiliate,chasing something I could try before I parted with any cash. It was with their “try before you buy” offer and FREE membership that got me interested in Wealthy Affiliate right from the start as I had not fount that anywhere else online at the time.

What is Preventing you from Seeking Your Online Income Opportunity?

Is it fear of failure or possibly skepticism from peers that is preventing you from starting your own Legitimate online income? I know that is what was originally holding me back right back when, and still have the nay sayers from time to time today.

I find that most people in my personal circle did not believe it was possible until they saw the PROOF it worked before they committed. It appears that human nature does that to us as I too was that person in my early days online.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have the option to try it for FREE to see for yourself if it measures up, and no need to pull out your Credit Card to sign up with. You will find genuine testimonials and success stories first hand, AND with real people!

I have personally realized that the only thing stopping me from succeeding and making a Legitimate online income is ME… If this is also you, take action and move forward NOW! Let the excitement of success drive you… Get excited!Legitimate Online Income Opportunity - fear of getting started

There are 3 things Required to Build an Online Business

To build an online income you will need:

  1. A product
  2. Your own website
  3. Training

Here at Legitimate online income, I can show you through my own experiences how I and many others have built a fully functional online WordPress website for FREE.  Unlimited training, which you get to learn at your own pace.

You will not find another course out there like Wealthy Affiliate with training as easy to follow, with all the support you require while you build your online business. You have the opportunity to do all this for FREE…


You Can Have All Of This For $0.00

At Wealthy Affiliate you have the opportunity to build an online business for FREE, no Credit Card needed.

Here is what you will get:

  1. Support
    • Personal help from me (Username: nakijo)
    • Help within a community from thousands of other users
    • Live chat support
    • Ongoing discussion threads
  2. Free Websites
    • Fully functional WordPress Sites
    • Online and ready to make money making money online
  3. Training
    • Videos
    • Tutorials
    • Courses

It seems too good to be true… ALL of this for FREE! It does seem a little crazy but you will not find training like this anywhere, let alone with the support that goes with it. And, if for some reason this is not enough for you, and you would like some “bang for your buck” then there is always Premium membership… Way more options!!!

As shown below, there is a comparison of the Starter and Premium membership options. Choose the “Starter, $0 per month”Option, complete your sign up details and you will have instant access to the community to get you started.

Wealthy affiliate membership options

I have built this website with the Wealthy Affiliate and I would like to show you how and help you attain success online today. 

Start your LEGITIMATE online income opportunity.

Take Action NOW!

If you have any questions about Getting Started with a legitimate online income, I would love to help! Just leave them below! 🙂

JoAnne Adrian

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16 thoughts on “Legitimate Online Income”

  1. I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go! You’ve explained it so well and as a premium member there, I can vouch that this platform is one of the best out there if not the only! I just wished I found it earlier! The training, the classrooms, and lessons are top notch, easy to follow. Love that they have tasks at the end of each lesson to action on your own site, keeps you moving forward! The community is amazing too! You’re never alone in this whole process and help is always available!

    I love it!

  2. Hi JoAnne,
    My problem was fear of failure before I joined WA. I had been involved in a few scams prior to joining WA and is does knock your confidence.
    The thing which drew my attention was the thousands of members who Wealthy Affiliate had already taught how to create their own successful online business. I thought if they can do this why not me!
    I have to say their training is unbeatable and what a helpful community. All the information for blogging is at WA, that’s for sure.
    My confidence has grown now and my website is building every day.
    Thanks for your review of this free course,

    • Hi Simon thank you for your comment and sharing. I too had the fear of failure prior to this attempt with Wealthy Affiliate. This time round my confidence is growing in leaps and bounds as I get support within the amazing community and continue with my training to grow my website on a daily basis.
      Thank you again Simon

  3. HI JoAnne
    You are so right. I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate while roaming around the internet trying to figure out how to do this business. Tried other things but was just confused as you said in your post. But since I joined WA I feel like I am actually learning more and more each day. I feel really comfortable asking any question because the community is here to help – not criticize. And I love the fact the the founders – Kyle and Carson – are not too busy to chime in and help also. It is a great place to learn.

    thanks – LaBarbara

    • Hi LaBarbara,
      You said it in a nutshell, it is such an encouraging place to be. It also shows that we are in charge of our own destiny and taking action will convert down the track. Being patient and a will to learn and take advice, which is always encouraging and not deflating as I have experienced in life. It feels like being part of a big virtual family. All the best with your future at Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing, your website is coming along just fine. It is very detailed and easy to follow. Your viewers will like what you have written because you show the benefits of joining this program. all the best to you.

    • Thank you Norman, as I have learnt, it is easy to write about what you have a passion for and believing in what you are writing. Thank you for your encouraging feedback, I am working on it daily. I hope that it helps someone achieve what I am now.

  5. Hi JoAnne,

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for two and a half months and I love it. I am learning so much and the WA community is a wonderful bunch of like-minded people. They are caring, supportive, encouraging and helpful. The best part for me was starting for free. Seven days of free lessons, 2 free websites, and a free membership. Thank you for steering people in the right direction.


    • Hi Jean,
      Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. Its great to be able to start with free membership is a create opportunity to test it out and get a fully functional Website online. There is so mu to learn and so much help. All the best and trust that you too are steering peopl in the right direction.

  6. I like your article, but I wish it was more in-depth could you explain all of the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate. There are some cons, but not many. Discuss the benefits of the free membership versus the paid. Fill it out, also compare it to other things you have tried. Provide as much information as you yourself would need to click on even a free trial membership. Remember people are skeptical and trust a person more if they address everything even the flaws. Be open and honest and people will see your genuine nature.

    • Hi Rick, thanks for your feedback, I appreciate where you are coming from and will definitely take the time to elaborate in these areas. My site is still in early stages and is still being developed so I have taken on board what you have to say, to give more clarity/information, as people are skeptical and I do wish to eliminate that with coming across as credible. Cheers Jo

  7. Hi JoAnne,

    You are going to help so many people get started.. WA is a great community of people who are learning, and growing, and going after their dreams. We help and encourage one another. I was so excited to get my own website up and running. I love writing blogs and reading and commenting on other blogs. There is much encouragement to be found within the WA community.

    • Hey Jean,
      Thank you for the positive encouraging comment, I love it! I was also excited about building my own website. The one thing I have struggled with is getting it out there for fear of what others think… I am now progressing from there and getting more involved in the community. I now see the rewards and benefits of that! It so works!
      And as with your comment “there is much encouragement to be found withing the WA Community.
      All the best with your success.

  8. Hey Jo!

    Seeing your experience at online business mainly with wich you got from WA, I’m happy to go ahead with my website there. I’m a beginner with this activity and I’m building my position at this.

    • HI Antonio,
      It is great to see you have taken a step in the right direction, there will be no looking back for you know. All the best with your success, and dont forget to ask within the community for any help as you require it. I am also there to help 🙂


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