How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Staying on Track When You Work From Home and Live Alone – Being Accountable, But To Who?

Ever since the children left home and are no longer dependent on me for immediate support. Freedom is an unusual thing to adjust to when you have never had it! So, it was time for me to learn how to work from home and stay on track.

The struggle was all too real when you live on your own and you work from home. Who are you accountable to other than yourself, as it is so easy to stray and fall off the beaten track. I for one know this is something that I struggle with.

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Setting Some Goals

Life had definitely presented some challenges along the way but nothing could prepare me for living on my own and my children no longer being in need of me as they were now adults themselves.

A few years have passed since then. I also quit my day job to follow my dream and work from home, online, creating a passive income so I could finally travel. See, the world! As I was a young Mum and missed out on the worldly opportunities as a result, but would not replace what I had.

I had my first step outside of New Zealand a year ago now, funny, just looked at the date on the calendar and realized it was today that my daughter and I made our maiden voyage to Australia, to board a 10-day cruise around the Pacific Islands with family. Tick that off my bucket list but now want I more.

I am building my foundation at this stage in life. Apply myself to my online growth so I can go and see what I want to see when I want to see it. To not only free up my time but to give me the finance to be able to achieve this.

An online business such as this will enable me to set my business on autopilot while I am away and be reassured that I am making money while cruising the world. While taking photos and checking in on my travels when I can. 

Where I Want to be

After having a taste for this for the first time in my life. After a 10-day family cruise and I have decided I want more, wouldn’t you?

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Carnival Legend  – Lifou Island

How to work from home and stay on track

On a Cruise with my feet up absorbing the sun.

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

On-board daily entertainment


Fun for the family

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Exploring new countries

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Food art – amazing!

So, How am I Going to Achieve That?

Wealthy Affiliate of course! Where else? My #1 recommendation!

I have found the tools, resources, training and support at Wealthy Affiliate University. My online learning platform. I am working through their Bootcamp at the present, learning new things, growing my website and gaining confidence as I go along.

It can be so easy to get distracted in my environment, though. I live in the middle of nowhere, no cell phone coverage but fortunate enough to have the internet to build my business, without interruption.

There are of course pros and cons to this. As you can well imagine, I can drift off course too easily, and I do. It’s the writing that slows me down . It’s what to write about? Where to start? But, once I start I am usually on a role.

How to Get Started?

I realized with all I was learning through Wealthy Affiliate and fellow members in chat, yeah I know me in chat? You had better believe it. That I needed to be doing more than what I was. I had hit a rut of where to from here with my posts.

Finding a way to fix this was paramount to the growth of my website, and now was a good time to start. Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a little scary but the growth from it has been unbelievable. Just little steps, but it is happening.

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track?

Accountability is what I needed. Not a mentor as such. Just someone to check in with from time to time. Just to have that feeling of someone watching over me to keep me on track. Then a funny thing happened. Training was created! I can now thank a fellow member at Wealthy Affiliate for creating some training which is designed for me to apply and grow my business.

As of today

I am accountable for posting an article a day!

Make a start to achieving your dreams. Set your goals today. Become accountable and join me at Wealthy Affiliate today. If you have any unanswered questions please ask in the comments below, I am here to help.





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4 thoughts on “How to Work From Home and Stay on Track”

  1. That picture with the watermelon is awesome, i had to comment on that. Now i totally agree with your post that you need to be self disciplined and very determined if you really want to succeed online. it’s very easy to lose track of time and focus because it’s very easy to get distracted.

    • Thank you for dropping by Niko, I am pleased that something caught your attention enough to take the time to comment. The talent involved in making these is amazing! They have heaps of them displayed all around the restaurant and replace/rotate them regularly. And yes, self-discipline is something that is paramount for the success of an online business to ensure that you stay on track, as it is so easy to get distracted.


    • True that, and do you know your burning desire, for you to stay on track?

      I have weeks like this and then burning out is my next issue… balance.

      But, it will all pan out.



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