How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Do you need to know how to sell handmade products online for marketing your professional homemade items? You find that you are full of homemade craft ideas and have no outlet for them? 

Whether you are a bit of an artist, photographer, dressmaker, candle maker or you create your own jewelry, you need somewhere to market your items once the interest in them stems further than your immediate family and friends.

To be at this stage with your products is admirable and is something you should be duly proud of. But to find an outlet for your homemade items that sell well within your immediate circle of friends, may not necessarily work at local markets or online. 

Hobby or Business?

Now you have made the decision to sell what you make, is it something you are planning on doing part-time or full-time? This was where I started. For me immediately, I knew it was going to be a “replace my income” situation. From there on in, that was my focus.

How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Local Market versus Internet Market

For me, I found it easier to test the local markets. A lot easier to discuss and observe customers and what they are interested in and what they are prepared to pay for quality Homemade items. The first thing I noticed was the amount of local talent here, it absolutely astounding!

The bonus for me was that there was nothing along the lines of what I doing. So, feeling content I  had found a little niche there, I went on my way. It was nearly a year on when I quit my day job to sew full time from home and do the market life… life was great! and better yet. People liked my work. 

Internet marketing has always been an interest of mine and one that I was also pursuing at that time, testing the water , while keeping expenses to a minimum. Although I was already following these two directions, another one presented itself from out of nowhere. Interesting how that happens…

Trademe auctions! It started off with a friend asking me to make a product that was just so expensive to buy. Simple enough, and I followed up. For me I check out online where we would buy locally here… Trademe is New Zealand’s local online auctions. I did not want to feel like I had overcharged them and checked the price of them and my competition online. 

I realized I had a little niche and decided to test the waters and loaded a couple of auctions. That is when it all started. Nearly a year on and there has been no looking back and a steady flow of sales ever since.How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Physical versus Digital Product

This was my next transition and where I am at today while still selling products on Trademe and attending a few local markets. But, it is very laborious work. It is also not as mobile as I would like it to be, as I can only make my product at my place. I wouldn’t be able to take it on a Cruise like I could a digital product, with my laptop lifestyle. 

This will be dependent on you and the direction you wish to move with your products, and whether it is a hobby or a business.How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Set up Costs

Gosh, looking back I can now see how much it cost me to set up to got to local outdoor markets. I stepped into it blind as I just wanted to do, and did!That was two years ago. But, unless ALL your markets are indoors, you will need some equipment to get you setup.

My setup costs included:

  • Gazebo
  • Fold up tables
  • Table cloths (bed sheets are cheaper)
  • Clothing racks (borrowed till I bought my own)
  • Coat hangers
  • Props
  • Float
  • Mobile EFT POS (2months in)
  • Stall FEE

Oh, and I bought a trolley, as I found at most markets I could not park beside my stall and unload, and my product is very heavy. You need to take this into consideration when packing for carrying. And don’t forget to pack your lunch and a drink, or that will be your first expense of the day.setup-cost

How to Sell Handmade Items Online

Wow, there are a few options available here. It’s a bit like setting up for a local one in some respects accept you aren’t hauling your product all around the countryside. First, you need to decide if you want to list it on an auction site or have an e-commerce store. 

First, you need to decide if you want to list it on an auction site or have an e-commerce store. With an Auction site, you just need to decide which one works best for you . Check the fees, each website is different. You also need to confirm this is a viable way to move your product, especially by the time you price it up with postage on top. Sometimes this and the fees can outprice your item. 

  • eBay
  • Trademe

You will find there are a lot of turnkey eCommerce store options available. Most you will need to pay for but there are free ones available, but you get what you pay for. 

  • Shopify
  • Wix

There are also eCommerce marketplace platforms, which have fees attributed to loading/selling. Always check T & C’s and know what you are agreeing to.

  • Etsy
  • Felt

And let’s not forget Social Media as this could be what works best for you keeping your overheads to a bare minimum. You just need to work out your method of payment. Most tend to Internet Bank Transfer. But if you are not comfortable with that then  you may have to consider joining Pay Pal to take payments.

How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Handmade Crafts Ideas

As you venture more into selling your homemade products, you will also want to increase what you do to keep your product fresh and new for returns customers. My friends are pretty quick off the mark when it comes to tagging me in ideas on facebook, which is great. Otherwise, Pinterest is where I go to feed my creativity.

Pinterest pretty much covers everything you could possibly be looking for. It has so many amazing ideas for homemade items that sell well. Just pop it into the search bar there… couldn’t be any simpler. Oh, the only problem I personally have is that sometimes you have to click through so many links to get to a website you were hoping to land on in one click. All the same, it is where I get a lot of visual ideas from to test on my local market.

Create Your Own Website for Your Handmade Crafts Ideas

Why don’t you build yourself a website and sell your products on it? You could also sell other peoples products on it to supplement your income that way also. With creating your own website you open up a whole new world of income opportunities. 

This is what I have done, “WITH NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE” and I did not have to spend any money or give my credit card details either. I know, sounds too good to be true, but it is! Funny thing is that it doesn’t stop there. It is also a learning platform and community that gives you access to building yourself a free website for your business, and MORE... at Wealthy Affiliate University.

In Summary: How to Sell Handmade Products Online

All in all, test the waters as you would with anything else in your life. Trial things and see what works for you and your product. Having checked your competition, decided what makes yours better than theirs and why should they now buy from you? As this will be your unique sell point (USP) which is vital to have for the growth of your product and/ or maintenance of sales.

Once you have your product and preferred method of selling it is time to move forth and grow your business.

If you would like to build your own website for your online sales? Wealthy Affiliate Universtiy is the best platform to do so, Whether you are an expert or a beginner. You will find everything yo need to get you online ready for your customers. Check out my #1 Recommendation

How to Sell Handmade Items Online

I hope you found this article on How to Sell Handmade Products Online”  helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I am here to help you



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18 thoughts on “How to Sell Handmade Products Online”

  1. A woman after my own heart! I have hand-crafted and sold tie dyes, leather bracelets, candle holder, soap and a variety of other products (not for quite awhile). I loved going to folk festivals and found a lot of creative ways to sell (before the internet was a big deal).

    I have seen a lot of people experience success on Etsy…but it seems to be a hit or miss market. I am in the process of creating a variety of online courses, but it is quite the process 🙂 Thank again for such a valuable resource!


    • Hi Joy,

      That is so good to hear. Thank you so much for sharing. I am such a lover of hand-crafted items, the uniqueness, and the quality is not something you will find too often. I haven’t tried Esty as I have heard good and bad about it and I just did not feel that it was for me. I also needed to make sue I could keep up as some markets just about cleaned me out, but then that was what it was all about.
      I am looking forward to a slightly slower paced lifestyle now,but still enjoy a market or two and I still have plenty of stock made up. I mainly make wheat packs and have designed a wearable one for your back and that is my money maker. Otherwise, I upcycle denim into aprons and bags and my next projects are with braided neck ties into a rug and woolen blankets made into duffle coats.
      In the meantime, Trademe is working in one niche for me.
      There is always a project or 10 on the go at my place 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing.


  2. Thanks for sharing this is such and awesome post that can help so many persons that are interested in this type of work, You post is well detailed and filled with good information . All the best to you and have a good day.

    • hThank you, Norman, As you can see it is very much a passion of mine and I do hope it helps someone in the future find their direction as I have found mine.
      I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and commenting.

      All the best to you too.


  3. Hi Jo,
    Thank you for sharing all the cost it takes to do offline sales. I did this type selling for a few years, but it did become hard labor as my business grew. Plus fighting the different weather elements at times were a chore. I never thought about taking that hobby to online, but thanks to you and your information I think I will give it a try now. Wealthy Affiliate is the best to get started I agree. I have been here a year and am finally feeling comfortable and confident in my ability to make websites from my passion. Great article!

    To Your Success,

    • Hi GeeRie,

      Thank you for stopping by. I am pleased it ignited a spark inside you to look at another mode of sales. You will find it will either work or it won’t. Yes the weather is always a problem, mine has bee tennis elbow which prevents me from carrying my gear all around the country, so online also works for this reason. It keeps me in touch with my creative side and it is also the foundation of my next website.

      Without the knowledge I have gained wince being with Wealth Affiliate, I would not have this website online today.

      All the best with your success 🙂


  4. This is a great article! I am an artist myself and have so far done most of my sales offline, but as you stated, it’s really a lot of work!
    I know selling online is easier and creating my own art website has been my dream for a long time! I want to be able to show my art to the world!

    • Hi there. I am so excited for you and encourage you to do so. As you can see, there are a few ways to do this and I am sure yo will find one that suits your requirements and lifestyle. I encourage you to look into it and follow-up to doing so. I would love to see the outcome when you do 🙂

      I am pleased it has sparked something inside of you, my work is done 🙂


    • Good morning John

      Thank you for dropping and by and taking the time to read it and comment. I am hoping you are right as I enjoy encouraging people to explore their creative side and getting it out there. You never know, someone you know may benefit from it down the track and you will know where to guide them.


  5. Hi, JoAnne. You know, I have always thought of Wealthy Affiliate as for only affiliate marketing, or marketing other people’s products. I never thought of using what you learn there to market your own products, but why not? The same principles apply. I’m not very talented making my own crafts, but my wife loves to create things. I’ll have to let her know about this posting so she can get some good ideas. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Andy

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, I stumbled across WA looking for a way out of doing as many crafts as what I do but I have a lot of pleasure in selling my products. I suppose mainly because I know people find them useful. So the same applies with crafts as it does with affiliate marketing, you are helping people by fulfilling a need and solving a problem.

      I am pleased you have found this useful and I encourage your wife to look into it a little further for extra income, but once she starts she will get a taste for it.

      All the best with your success at Wealthy Affiliate, just remember it is for everyone 🙂


  6. Some great information that I will share with some of my ‘crafty’ friends. It is amazing how much you can do using the internet if you do it the right way. Wealthy Affiliate is really the best you will get and the price is so low. Thanks again for the information Jo.

    • You are welcome Merry, I am pleased that you can share utilize the information to share with your friends. Yes, I have a lot of hobbies and interests and believe that is why I have struggled with finding a niche… Jack of many and master of some 🙂 But I will always do my crafts whether I sell them or not, keeps me creative.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  7. Hi Jo Anne, many thanks for this post which I think is really informative for any small business owner in your niche or other, who would like to get online with his/her business.

    • Hi Helen, I am pleased you have got some use out of this. It is a great idea to bookmark and I am pleased you have taken the time to do so. Crafts are so good for the soul whether you take the time to sell them or not.

      Thank you for stopping by.



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