How to Create Your Own YouTube Video

On your way to creating a YouTube Channel? Do you know how to create your own YouTube video? Let me show you how I go about creating my YouTube video in Camtasia Screen Recorder and Video Editor.

I bought Camtasia a few years back and have played with it a little but not to its full potential, so please be patient with me as we muddle through the basics together.

As I mentioned in my previous post ‘”What do I Need to Start a YouTube Channel – From the Beginning” this is all new to me and we are starting out together in this journey of creating and building a YouTube Channel.

Before we Get Started…

Outline a Plan

We need to decide what our video is going to be about. What is the problem we are going to solve and who are we delivering it to, who is our audience.

Make a list of what you wish to cover in your Video. Is it going to be a review, tutorial or presentation? What is the problem you are aiming to solve? These are the sorts of questions you should be answering in your videos to get viewers interested in clicking on yours.

It is All in The Title: “How to Create Your Own YouTube Video”

Choose a relevant Title for your YouTube Video that works with the BlogPost we are going to share it to, for example: I will be ’embedding’ the video that I have created based on this BlogPost into this post at the end to give you a walk through of how I put it together, to show you how easy it to do. It is not hard, but it is time-consuming, until you have a few videos under your belt.

For the Video I am making and will be embeded later on in this, I will be using “How to Create Your Own YouTube Video” as the Title. But for now I need to do a brief outline of what I want my video to cover, and will share with you what you need to cover in your video outline.

A Video Outline to Get You Started

This is where you give a brief outline on what your video is going to be about. It pays to knw the direction of your video at a glance. You need a direction not only for your audience, but for you, so you know what youa re intending to deliver and in what order.

Video Intro:

  • Want to set up your own YouTube Channel
  • Draft up a Video Outline
  • In this Video You will learn how to create your own YouTube Video and upload it to YouTube.

Create a Video Outline

  • Create a presentation in Power Point
  • Import PowerPoint into Camtasia
  • Edit Presentation
  • Upload to YouTube

Video Outro

  • Go to Blog post (this one)

So as you can see, it there is a little bit involved to piece it all together. Until you become familiar with all your software and platforms that you will be working with, half your time will be taken up with navigation, so don’t be too hard on yourself. I for one need a video editor, as I just cant get my words right first time.

It is also a good idea to have a bulleted list like this to refer to for when you are recording. Speaking off the cuff will sound far more natural if you can, rather than reading it like a unrehearsed speech word for word… which always seams to sound recited, for the average amateur, such as myself.

There is a lot to learn in one sitting, when you really get into it and you will need a little more than just a script to get your video uploaded to your YourTube Channel.

Graphic Editing Software

Graphic editing software is fantastic for creating your own graphics for creating authentic slideshow or PowerPoint video presentations to record from your screen.

You could use either something that is FREE like Canva or a paid option such as PhotoShop or Corel Draw, which is what I use. Having had CorelDraw for a few years it has been my got to for graphic design until I was properly introduced to the benefits and potential of Canva.

I tend to use Canva for visual ideas and template sizes, I do love that feature about Canva, preset template sizes, so I utilize it to its full potential.

What FREE Images Can You Use?

This is an area you need to be very careful with. Make sure you understand Copywriter rules to keep yourself on the right side of the Law. You CAN NOT use anything that has a Copywriter symbol attached or attributed to it.

I use my own images (photos I have personally taken), images from the websites of the products I am reviewing or for all other images, to have my website looking as professional as I can.

Creative Commons is also a good place to find pictures with expired copywriter, allowing you to use it as you see fit. Treat it like it is your own.

Google… don’t forget Google. Now, rule of thumb with Google is to select the ‘usage rights’ in the ‘tools’ menu as indicated below.

Make sure you click on the ‘labeled for reuse’ option. This still is not a surefire method, once you click on the image and rare taken away from Google, I would be unsure of teh rights of the images there after.

ALWAYS check and if in doubt… DO NOT USE! is my only advice. Better to be safe than sorry. Either pay for ‘stock’ photos or take your own photos are your only other options.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is my go to for slideshow presentations and it is installed on my PC, so that too works for me. Because I work with Camtasia, I use it for its built in record to Camtasia feature which I am now starting to get my head around. But looking further I have since found that Google also has a slideshow presentation software.

Google LookBook & SlideShow

Don’t forget about the FREE resources you get with Google Docs! Everything from Documents, to spreadsheets to slideshow presentations that you can use from any computer anywhere in the world.

LookBook will give you a slideshow presentation similar to Power Point so you will be able to get on your way to producing your first YouTube video in no time.

Professional templates are also available to put and instant snap into your presentations and or videos. Being able to add notes to read from on screen is an added feature that works for me and makes recording so much easier, especially if you are using a webcam, your cue cards are right in front of you and you won’t need to look down while recording your screen.

The ‘BIGGEST’ benefit to using Google for everything, is, you can use it on any device anywhere in the world, making my business ‘Mobile’ if I need, as well as working in with a Laptop lifestyle as well.

Which brings me to…

Do You Have a Google Account?

You need a Google Account to set up YouTube and a Channel within their platform. If you do not yet have one yet, they are easy enough to set up, giving you instant access.

Setting up an account with Google is really straight forward. It will only take a minute or two to do so, and from there you will have access to all Google has to offer, from Gmail to Google Docs and of course a YouTube Channel.

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Once you have your YouTube account you can then continue to set up your Channel within your YouTube account. This too is a straightforward setup and won’t take too long to work through.

Sign in to, then click on your profile picture to open up the dropdown menu. Click onto ‘Channel’ as indicated in the following picture.

How to Create Your Own YouTube Video Channel Button

From here you have the option to go to YouTube Studio to upload your video or you could take the time to Customize Your Channel, personalize and brand it.

Now that we have all the Basics covered, its time to look into how we are going to piece all of this together, that was the easy part. As my website relies on organic SEO traffic, my videos are not just there to help you, but are also there to optimize my pages.

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Check out the Final Cut

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