How to Create an Intro for YouTube

Overnight I have been looking into ‘How to Make an Intro for YouTube’ to revise my memory, as I have looked into them in the past. Although, here we are now, on my journey to YouTube and sharing with you how I put my Videos together.

This one will be fun as this is what I need right now, so I will be taking you through my journey of the creation of my first YouTube introduction.

Before we get started…

There are a few ways to make an intro for YouTube, so Let’s look into that now.

It Starts With a Plan

When deciding to make a video intro for your YouTube videos, you need to already know what you what. Put a plan in place, from colors to wording and duration,

Your Intro should cover a large eye catching ‘title’ something to entice your auctience in. It is then a good idea to follow your title with who the video is by. Graphics although are an eyecatcher can enahce a title cover if approprite, can also ditstract from the Topic if not so appropriate. Also, make sure your ‘Title” outshines your graphic.

Think about what it is that you want your viewers to receive when they start your video, and what is it that will keep them interested to watch till the end? These are the things you need to consider when putting your YouTube Intro together. It needs to be eye candy.

What do You Need to Create an Intro for YouTube

To get started with creating your first Intro for YouTube you will, of course, need some equipment to make it happen. Let’s take a look at the few things that I used to create my intro.

Graphic design program: It does not need to be top of the range, I will be using Canva for its simplicity and I already have my Brand colors there, otherwise I would be all of this in Camtasia, and will.

Speaking of Camtasia, you will need Video Recording software to save your intro to for future Videos that you will be recording.

If you want some background music for your Intro or Video you can search Creative Commons for Royalty Free Music. Personally, I choose not to have background music, but as I said, personal choice.

You Want to Make a YouTube Intro for Free?

Canva for Free is a great place to start out creating an intro for your YouTube Video for FREE. In Canva you can find templates for FREE to use, unfortunately the Animation feature is not available in the FREE version, but still suitable for a professional looking YouTube intro.

Although you can create your YouTube Intro in Canva, you will need Video Recording Software to create your video before uploading to YouTube. Although there are FREE Software programs to do this, they are very limited in their ability to delivered a professional look. If funds are an issue for you, then by all means find a free option to get you started.

How do you Create an Intro for YouTube?

Using your software of choice you should be give an option to start with a template or to start from scratch, a blank page. For this tutorial I will be using Canva Po. The main reason is for the animation feature as to me it is the easiest that I personally have come across.

Using the FREE for 30days option will allow me to test pilot this little puppy and hopefully continue with the months subscription or I have the option to cancel at any time, and go back to the FREE option.

Honestly, I feel that the payment will be worth it, but time will tell.

For this demonstration I will be using Canva PRO, as I mentioned earlier, as I personally wanted the animation but I am not to sure if I will keep this, as I am likely to change my mind and tidy things up as I go along, but for now, it works.

Let’s Recap on How do I Create a YouTube Intro for my Video?

OK, Let’s recap…

Keep it simple!

For this post I am keeping it as simple as possible to help you get started with your YouTube Intro, or you just may not get started at all.

As you see, it does not need to be too fancy for to do what you need it to do, which is delivered a little and small introduction to your viewers.

Good luck with your first YouTube Video Intro, I would love to see it, as here is mine…

Let’s support each other in getting started.

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2 thoughts on “How to Create an Intro for YouTube”

  1. I was only thinking a few days ago that I needed to incorporate YouTube into my marketing plan. I had no idea how to start so this article and your other, really put into perspective the why and how! I really like the simplicity of your steps too. My favourite reminder from reading this is to PLAN it first. Thank you so much!

    • hey Gina, yes I need to plan too, that is where I am lacking for now and struggling to get started. Still one day at a time for me. A bit like uploading the video for this post, it is coming.

      Thank you for your patience.



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