How I quit my job to Work From Home

How I Quit my Job to Work From Home

I Hate my Job – I want to Work from Home: Tired of the routine of nine till five? or, even worse, shift work, four on four off, and six on two off… you see the trend developing here. I had had enough (thinking deep down, that I hate my job) and it was time. This was something that both my co-workers and friends were overhearing, but I got there. This is  how I quit my job to work from home.

It is not What it Used to Be

If like me you were growing up you were taught wholesale jerseys that; I am to get an education to secure a well-paid job. Followed by getting married, buying a house (with a white picket fence) and then have your family.

Well… where did I go wrong, I asked myself?

I got educated, cheap jerseys but left school at 16 and ended up with the only job I could get, which obviously was not my first choice (apparently Has I need an education after all), had a child got married, left my husband and then bought my home on my own and continued to get average paid jobs, to meet my needs while bringing up my children on my own.

I kind of got it right, I thought to myself…

Life is What You Make it, Things are Forever Changing, Evolving & we Need to Keep Up.

Being the sort of person I am, I always wanted more! When the World Wide Web (WWW) came on the scene, I quickly discovered that there were opportunities to make money online, but without proof,  believe me, I was skeptical as I was also reading about the ones who were not quite so legit… there were SCAMS out there!

Not one to be too easily deterred I still looked into this… How I quit my job to Work From Home

Apparently Taking Action is the Answer to Success!

I have always been aware that this is my downfall, I allow others to influence my direction and therefore I have NEVER taken action until now.

A self-made business man once told me “the reason why you are still working for someone else and not yourself is because you are still dependent on your paycheck. When you quit your paid job you have no choice but to make money” and smiled… I get it…

Fear of Failure?

It is hard when all you see is your financial commitments and all your immediate skeptical support. But you are not alone! So many, such as you (and me) have been at these crossroads at different times. For me, I decided that I want to make an income online, from the comfort of my own home, in my own time. How I quit my job to Work From Home

I wanted to free up my time for my family and me!

Life at the office was becoming more and more stressful and I needed to reduce these levels to maintain good health.

Interestingly enough, I joined a few programs, cheap nfl jerseys read a lot of information to educate myself to achieve my dream of being self-employed by working online as an Affiliate marketer.  What really did it for me was Wealthy Affiliate; I joined a few years ago and loved it.

Unfortunately, I let my membership lapse, knowing that one day I would get back to it. I knew that this was going to be my learning platform to achieve my online goals and was a little annoyed with myself for not taking action back then… I knew that wholesale jerseys when the time was right I would get back to it. When I could pay for a year’s membership so I would commit, or so I believed… 2 years on…

I handed in my resignation letter…

I quit my day job!


it felt so good!

 How I quit my job to Work From Home

I knew that I had the money to subscribe Marketing for a year with my cheap jerseys favorite online community at Wealthy Affiliate, and I did. That was a year ago, I have taken action NOW! Plus, another year’s membership!! I am more determined than ever to succeed!!!

It has been a year since I quit my day job. In that time I been sewing and making my income from markets and online auctions. If you can image, it takes a lot of time to make items to sew, and I want something a little more passive to add to it as I love doing my sewing and will never give this up.

I prepared my house for the market. When it sold Custom I moved to the country, where I have no cell phone coverage. Fortunately, I have the internet… life could not be better!

I am Loving Life Right Now – How About You?

This is my story on succeeding in quitting my job to follow my dream of an online income. I would love to hear from you on how you did it, what you are doing now and if it has worked out for you.

If an income online is something you would like to try then check it out here to learn more and for your FREE trial of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have anything to share in relation to my post on to  “How I quit my job to Work From Home” I would like to hear from you. Please share in the comments below.

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