Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Looking at getting started with Affiliate Marketing as is a way to make money online without the need to own a physical product. By finding an affiliate program to promote electronically, you can get paid a commission for the sale.  This is a great way to get started earning an online income, without having to outlay any money.

The most common types of affiliate programs include pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale, and any of these options are suitable for getting started with affiliate marketing with the intention of making an income.

Let me break it down for you in more bite sized pieces for you to better understand.

Choose a Niche

Before you begin building your first site, you will need to decide which niche you are going to target.  Ideally, it should be something that you are passionate about, as you will be writing a lot of content in the niche that you chose.Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Niche Idea

What Topics Are You Already Passionate About?

Everyone has a passion! What is yours? You may possibly have a few, but, you will need to get it down to one for you to have a niche to start with. The more passionate you are in your niche, the more of a chance of you sticking with it and enjoying what you are sharing with others. By using a keyword research tool you will find it easier to refine your niche through keywords. A keyword tool can also help with generating keywords that will help you to rank in the top pages of Google.

Is There Money to be made in This Niche?

You will need to look a little more in-depth to find out if there is money to be made in the niche that you have chosen to make it profitable for you. 

The easiest way to find an affiliate program is by typing your chosen “niche + affiliate program” into Google you can find the available Affiliate programs in your niche.

After a little research to find affiliate programs in the niche you have chosen, you can then load their link into your website to start making money.Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Money

Build a Website

It is now time to build your online storefront, your website. Over at Wealthy Affiliate, you can set one up for FREE from their WordPress platform through Siterubix as I initially did to get started. Not only is it easy to build a website with no experience, but you will have full support within the community to help you. True!

Produce Excellent Content

Now that your site is set up and you have joined an affiliate program, you are ready to begin perhaps the most time-consuming part of the affiliate business; Producing excellent content:

By writing engaging content full of useful information, with your reader in mind, a potential customer. You can also do this by writing product reviews, blog posts that address a particular problem or sissies relevant to your target market.

If, like me, you built your website with Wealthy Affiliate, and you are struggling with content ideas; you will find all the training required to assist you through this process at your own pace. Truly amazing!

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

 Build an Audience

Building an audience for your site will, in some ways, follow naturally once you start producing engaging content. An interested audience will not only bring you consistent traffic, but it will also result in consistent sales for you.

Here are some ideas to start building an audience for a completely new site:

  • Use basic SEO techniques to increase search engine traffic to your site
  • Promote your content via social media
  • Build an email list
  • Invest in paid advertising
  • Promote Affiliate Offers

    Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Building a website up to a point where it can make you a consistent income takes a little bit of work. To succeed you must be willing to constantly create new original content, promote, market, innovate and of course, sell. As with any business, it will be ongoing and as an affiliate marketer, you will be to repeat these steps on a continual basis.

Review of Key Points

There is no quick fix with Affiliate Marketing if you are looking at building a reputable business online. It takes a lot of time and research, but so totally worth it in the long run.

It can also feel very overwhelming doing all the necessary work involved in setting up your site and building your reputation, but it is so important for you to achieve your future sales.

I have found amazing support within the Wealthy Affiliate community to enable me to achieve my goals in Affiliate Marketing.Getting started with affiliate marketing

To sum it all up here is a quick recap of what you need to do:

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Research different affiliate programs and products in your niche
  3. Build a website
  4. Produce engaging content.
  5. Build an audience.
  6. Promote your affiliate product(s).
  7. Repeat

This is the tried and true strategy to getting started with Affiliate Marketing for beginners. Therefore, if you put in the work you will soon be reaping the rewards with your first sale.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed about making that first affiliate sale?

Come and join me and the community over at Wealthy Affiliate where I can assist you in your success.

What is it that is holding you back from getting started? Let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to help.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Great article on getting started with Affiliate marketing! Everything is put together nice and easy to understand!

    Personally, I am a little frustrated trying to get referrals and stuff, but I know it takes time. I try to create drafts in Word Press when I think of ideas, so I at least have ideas when the mood to write hits me!


    • Thank you Kristin

      I totally know where you are coming from. You are in the right place to start with your online presence and your website is off to a good start. Once you get going the ideas will flow…

      Being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community will help you achieve your online success. It does take a lot of time, research and patience to achieve, but you will following there program.

      I also felt quite isolated here in NZ when it came to being online. Now I know what an amazing community of support Wealthy Affiliate is and how the world shrunk when I became apart of it.

      I am now following you there, and I am happy to offer my encouragement and support there after.

      Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Until just recently I had never heard of Affiliate marketing. I was thinking of giving it a go because I would like to build a retirement income. Thank you for the information on Wealthy Affiliate I think I will try out their free membership. Is one website enough or should you make lots of websites?


  3. Hi JoAnne,

    Thanks for the detailed information regarding Affiliate Marketing. It’s nice to know I can make money from my passion without first having to create products. It’s a brilliant way to get started working for myself.

    • Thank you Jules
      Yes it is so good to be able to tap into something that we love and have a passion for, share it with the world and create an income from it. I am so grateful I found such a community like Wealthy Affiliate to lay my foundation on and ALL the help I need to succeed. So moving forward I was able to leave my job to follow my dream online to free up my time.



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