Free Screen Recorder Download: to Jing or Not to Jing?

Welcome to my Review: Free Screen Recorder Download to Jing or Not to Jing?

On my quest to find free online screen recorders, I came across Jing. I was led to believe Jing is an online screen recorder, but upon further research I found out I needed to download it to use it.

At that time, I decided I should put it on the back burner until I start my reviews on Downloadable free screen recorders. It was then that I also noticed that things have changed with Jing…

Bringing forth my choice to continue to research Jing at this time.

Let’s start at the beginning.

What is Jing Anyway?

Free Screen Recorder Download to Jing Or what was Jing? Not to sure here as I have just looked into reviewing it, as it was suggested as a free online screen recorder in my online training. Hence, my surprise when I arrived at Jing to find out that Techsmith will be replacing it with a new online screen recorder, which is already available online, but more on that shortly.

As Jing is still available, and there will be some affected by it being replaced, I feel the need to share what I known and perhaps help those through the transitions.

Also, those researching it, will hopefully come across my review and save themselves some time in doing so.

Jing is a screen recorder, which you need to download to your computer. Easy enough done and a straight forward application to install.

So as I sit here reviewing this product, once installed it sits with this little icon on your desktop, which I personally, am not a fan of, but their it is taking pride and place on my desktop.

Yes I can move it, and I just found the EXIT option within the ‘more’ options…

Until then, it sits their until your mouse hovers over it, whether on accident or on purpose and then show this icon, reminds me of an upside down jester hat.

Now that we have got this far, lets continue with my jester hat, known from here forth as ‘Jing’.

Screen Capture in Jing

Jing is very straight forward to use, and is suitable enough for beginners to start out with. Once you have liked on the capture Icon you will get the choice of either ‘capture image’ or ‘capture video’ which are both self-explanatory.

After taking a look around I still cannot find anywhere to change the actual screen size, but if I do, I will be back to update this part.

Capture Image: Does just that. It screenshots your desktop.

Capture Video: Records what is on your desktop.

Free Screen Recorder Download to Jing Tools

As Jing is a Techsmith product, it goes without saying that if your screenshots need editing, your support software is Snagit and Camtasia for your screen recorder. In the meantime take a look at how Jing works…

BUT, the FREE replacement for Jing is another Techsmith product, Screencast. The advantage of Screencast is it is a FREE Screen Recorder, so as you can see, I have come a complete circle. Jings replacement software is an online screen recorder, although Jing is not and is supported until it is withdrawn.

So in theory, Jing is indirectly an online screen recorder, if you start working with Screencast, it’s replacement. As these are both Techsmith products, it’s a win, win, really.

Why is Jing Going?

Apparently it will no longer be supported. Fortunate for us that Techsmith are up on all of this and have an amazing contingency plan, which is already in place.

There note on Jing tools says the following:
Free Screen Recorder Download to Jing NoteThey then give users the option of what they would like to do next and what options are available for them moving forward.

Moving Past Jing… 

Moving forward to this time, as it might as well be now, so I will fast-forward to that time.

Screencast will be replacing Jing, as I have already said, but what does that mean for current users of Jing.

If you are one of those affected by the closure of Jing, then pop over to Techsmith, they have a walk through for you. It won’t get much easier than that.

That is one advantage of using software from a reputable company such as Techsmith, as they stand by their products and keep you up to date with the current technology, and Jing was being outdated in it’s own right.

Quickly record anything on your screen or webcam with TechSmith Capture is a software I have been using for a long time now, mainly for personal use. Now, is the time I am now following up with using my knowledge and build a YouTube Channel using Techsmiths software.

Techsmith has it all if you are moving into videos, which most are now days. Users are turning more and more to YouTube, hence the change in my direction, looking into and reviewing, the items needed to create and build a YouTube Channel.

Techsmith has You Covered!

If you have not yet come across Techsmith and their products before, then today you have hit the Jackpot! Techsmith has both video editing and screen recorder & capture covered. Also, if you are looking at a Graphics editor they have that covered as well.

SnagitSnagit: A simple and powerful screen capture and recording software. Snagit lets you quickly capture a process, add your explanation, and create visual instructions.

You can Try the Full version of Snagit for 15days.

Camtasia: The Best All-In-One screen recorder and video editor. Camtasia 2019 makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos on both Windows and Mac.

CamtasiaYou can Try Camtasia for Free as well, with email support. Or buy Camtasia and Snagit together to save!

In Summing Up

LEGITIMATE – Yes Jing is legitimate, but as you can see, I will no longer recommend it due to it’s up coming withdrawal from the market. BUT, I highly recommend it’s replacement Screencast.

Therefore, your options are only limited by your imagination and your wallet.

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10 thoughts on “Free Screen Recorder Download: to Jing or Not to Jing?”

  1. Nice review. I am kind of dumb about all the tech surrounding why you need this, but eventually I will understand some of it. Thank you for sharing your review of this product and for letting folks know about the upcoming upgrade.

    • Thank you Annette, in time it will all be clear to you and a useful tool. I too am still learning things about these online recorders as there is always something that I overlook and tend to do the hard way.

      All the best to you.


  2. Thank you for the review. I had used it however I didn’t like it much. Yes, that sticky is annoying too. I guess I read about the screencast o matic on your website and I am using that 🙂

  3. Thanks for a great insight into Jing; before stumbling upon this article, I had never heard of this before. I also like how you include screenshots to explain what you mean.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I actually looked up Screencast when this came up, I was really confused why they have two screen capture software. This really cleared it up! I actually use the software that came with my Logitech webcam for screen capture but I’ve been thinking about trying greenscreen or “virtual” screen green (or whatever it is called where you don’t need the actual green screen) to improve my production quality. Do you know if any of the Techsmits products can handle this? Camtasia maybe?


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