Free Online Screen Recorder – Screencast Review

Is it Really a Free Online Screen Recorder? My Screencast Review will give you all the ins and outs of Screencast by Techsmith..

Following up on my previous review on ‘Jing’, on its way out, ‘Screencast’ is there to replace it. Yet another awesome piece of software from Techsmith, enabling users to record their computer screens. On my quest to finding free online screen recorders I found that Screencast by accident and decided to do a review on it to see if it delivers.

What is Screencast?

If you are getting started with screen casting you will be in need of Software to record what you have displayed on your computers desktop. Most screen casts include audio narration that allows you to explain to viewers what they are seeing while they are viewing it. Using screen casts will enable you to create software demonstrations, quick how-to videos, tutorials, or even presentations.

How to Create a Free Screencast Account

To use Screencast you will need to set up a free account to access the software. It is a simple and straight forward process as follows:

  1. Free Online Screen Recorder - Screencast Review Create AccountGo to and click Sign Up.
  2. Click on Create a new account.
  3. Enter your email address and a password for your account or better yet, sign up with your Google account.
  4. Click Create Account to give you access.
  5. You will see you are now logged in and can begin to record the screen as well as add content to your library. is actually a media hosting service that makes content created with TechSmith products simple. By setting up a Free account, you will have access to 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth.

If this does not meet your requirements and yo find you need more storage or bandwidth, their Pro account may be what you are after.

Do You Think You May Need a Pro Account?

Deciding on whether you need a Pro Account will depend entirely on what you are needing Screencast for and your long term use of the software. As with every free account, you will find that there are limitations and knowing if you can operate within these perimeters.

FREE Account?

  • 2 GB of storage
  • 2 GB monthly bandwidth
  • 4 privacy options
  • Store content for 12 months

PRO Account?

  • 30 GB of storage
  • 240 GB monthly bandwidth
  • Add video captions
  • Customize colors and logos
  • Store content indefinitely
  • Technical Support (Email, Phone, Chat)

Get Screencast Pro Monthly for $17.35 NZD or Screencast Pro Yearly for $174.36 NZD to unlock the added features

How To Do a Screencast?

Take the time to create an outline before you start recording. If you outline a brief description, it will make it easier for your words to flow, rather than scripted. A bit like a speech, create cue cards with a topic description and allow your words to flow naturally, until you become more confident.

Eliminate background noise to ensure recording in a quiet environment. This is a biggie for me. I feel like every time I put a morning aside or sit down to ‘start’ recording, there is some type of interruption in the background, which just grates me. But it happens, even with the best laid plans.

Of late… flies or bees as it is still summer here. Normally, uncontrollable road noise from passing traffic, which is ever so random where I live, so just luck of the draw in this case.

Practice a couple of times before recording. If you are anything like me, first sentence stumble every time, yet as I type this list, I realize I need to practice what I preach, and then I may be on the road to better YouTube videos. All in all though, I feel the need to show… where it all began with me, because it is not as easy as it sounds.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Close and turn off ALL other Apps and Tabs, because as soon as you hit the record button, some App will decide that you are now needed. Eliminate ALL interruptions!

Test your software – do a test run.

This is as important as Practice, Practice, Practice… ” Test Your Software”! Make sure it is working before you get to the end of your 10min video. Always, “TEST” and make sure it is recording what you want it to.

And just as importantly, the ‘sound’ needs to be right for your user experience (UX). You, yourself know what it like when you click on a video to watch and the volume is ‘just NOT right’.

Do not be one of those people and test your software before you get into the nitty gritty of your entire recording.

Introduce yourself and what you do. Invite your viewers to Subscribe, hit the bell (to get notified of a new video), like and comment on your video. This is so important, then…

Tell your viewers what you will cover, just like the contents of a book. No different from the list of contents at the beginning of this post. Let your viewers know what your video will be composed of.

Remembering to keep it brief, to the point in order to keep your viewers interested to the end. Invite them to do so, advising that is where you will share with them, the big reveal, secret or what ever it is you are enticing them with. Think outside the square and always bear in mind the end user, who you are marketing to.

End with a summary, briefly explaining the key points of your video. Advise your viewers what you would now like them to do. Whether it be to check out the piece of software, or join ‘xyz’ or sign up down below for…

you need to know what your funnel, or exit strategy is and where you want your viewers to go from here. ADD your “Call to Action”.

Is Screencast a Scam?

If it is a Free Online Screen Recorder you are looking for, then Screencast by Techsmith is a possible option for you. This I believe to be a new edition to the Free family as Jing was its Techsmith predecessor. I have only recently come across Screencast while researching Jing as a Free Online Screen Recorder, only to find out that, not only is it a downloadable software, but that it was being withdrawn and replaced by Screencast.

LEGITIMATE – Here at Legitimate Online Income, like Techsmith products and know them to be legitimate to use.

There Is A Better Option Out There

Although Screencast is a great Free option an as I said, I have just learned about it, I am a user of Camtasia and have been for over 3years now.

Although when starting out, finances can be a restriction, as it was for me, and the reason why I review and test some Free products to get you started in your quest to attain a Legitimate Online Income that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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16 thoughts on “Free Online Screen Recorder – Screencast Review”

  1. My husband has been thinking about doing some stuff with screencasting, and so I’ve been trying to do the research to help things along and this article was amazing in helping me! Thank you!

    • Hi, I am pleased it has been helpful, as it can be so confusing when you are starting out. Screencast is a great option to get you started and will cost you nothing to test the waters, which is what I always advise. You need to know if it is for you… and it should be 🙂

      All the best with your research and getting started with doing Screencasts.


  2. I have never used either of jing or screen cast so it would be interesting to find out how well of a job they do. For Camtasia that is ridiculously over priced piece of software. I would not throw my money away on that especially when there’s cheaper and free ones out there, albeit most of the free ones are lacking functionality.

    I think I will go check out this “screen cast” program for my editing jobs.
    Thanks for the great article.

    • hi Rick

      Yes the prices of Software is an eye-opener and I the lack of functionality in a FREE one is why I purchased Camtasia as a one-time investment into my business, and it will pay off in time, but a lot when starting out.

      The plan was to have professional-looking videos right from the start, but alas that has not happened, so I could have put off the expense until later. Albeit, I am now set up for my channel and just need to link it all together.

      Screencast will do all you need it to do to get you started on YouTube.


  3. I have heard things here and there about screen recording, but now I’d like to look more into it. Similar to you when you began, finances are a bit tight and I don’t want to be putting money towards something I’m not sure about. I’d like to look more into Screencast. It sounds reliable and like a good tool to start out with (and free!) as I learn the ropes of the screen recording world. Thank you for sharing your tips as well! (How to format the content and such).

    • Hi Heidi, I am hearing you as that is where I was. But try either this or the Screencast-o-Matic for getting you started and then, once monetized, you could look at a paid option if the need arises.

      Cheers for sharing your thoughts and all the best to getting started with screencasting.


  4. I think that is a wise plan. I may wait a little longer to get a website I am building a little more established, but then I do want to look into screencasting.
    Thank you for your help and suggestions!

  5. Some helpful tips regarding screencasting and preparing prior to recording. I agree cue cards help with it being less robotic than reading from a full script. Thanks

  6. This is great, screen recording is something I’ve been looking for more information on, because with screen recording you would be able to teach people about the effectiveness of funnels and all sorts of other things. Yet another great resource I have now discovered through the use of Wealthy Affiliates, your #1 Recommendation, which is great because the are just an awesome network of entrepreneurs all working together to help each other out to become successful. Thanks.

    • Oh my, you are right on both counts. it is so good to be able to share what we know with others, I love that about Wealthy Affiliate. It wasn’t until I joined them that I realized how much I already knew in. All the best to your success and sharing the knowledge with others.


  7. Hello and thanks so much for providing this helpful information that will help so many. Thanks for the breakdown, in this day and time it is so amazing how visual shots can really drive the message home.

    • Thank you Norman, yes it is very much moving into a YouTube, visual approach moving towards the future. We need to be moving with the times.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  8. I enjoyed your article. Since I do not do a lot of video at this point in time, I have not invested in Camtasia. I have used Screencast off and on for a few years now and have been satisfied with the results based on my current needs. Techsmith has always provided decent products. Thanks for your insights. All the Best.

    • Hi Joseph, I am pleased you have found the free option that serves your needs. I am sure that if this time came that moving forward, Camtasia would be a viable option. All the best to you and thank yo for stopping by and commenting.



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