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Chuckles, at being 53 and it is now time for me to look into finding online jobs for women over 50. In this post I share with you how I earn my Legitimate Online Income as women over 50 years of age.

Evaluation time. I feel like i have finally found my niche. Gosh, I feel like I finally get it.

From here on in will be focusing on a more refined niche…

“Online Jobs for Wormen Over 50”

Well, I am guessing that you too are over 50, or you would not be here looking into it. Unless, of course, you are one of those amazing children, who is looking into it for your mother. Either way, I will be directing this post directly to the over 50 women, in which it was initially focused on.

50 is the new 30

How young do you feel? How young do you behave? How young is your body behaving? These are questions I have myself regularly and have done for over 20 years now.

When I was in my 30s and had the disadvantage of being a young mum in the day, I decided then I wanted to be a young ‘old person’ and interestingly enough, that is what I am at nearly 54 years young.

Mindset Matters!

Does it? Yes, of course it does! What your mind perceives the mind believes, is my philosophy. But, in all seriousness your mindset will decide the type of job you are suited for, let alone interested in.

By the time you are 50, most are empty nesters and the balance being late bloomers, who can’t be too far from getting there themselves.

Mindset, it all comes down to mindset, think young, behave young feel young, Although with that healthy mindset, come a healthy diet. No I am not talking about a weighing everything and being on a weight loss diet I am talking about a lifestyle choice with nutritional food (diet).

Once you have your mindset and your nutritional needs met, how you feel will naturally follow.

How Young do You Feel?

Online Jobs for Women Over 50 Work Online MindsetI recall a time in my 40s that I felt old and all of a sudden, within weeks I would have been quite happy to just sit back in my rocking chair with knitting needles in hand.

You know, I could have become content with that thought, but realized I was still young mentally and physically, so don’t ‘claim’ my age, just accept it as my D.O.B. as it is just a number. After all, 50 is the new 30.

Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to be of good health or have a body that is not ailing for some reason or another, therefore mindset affecting mindset in one way or another.

It can be around this sort of physical or mental trauma that affects our mindset and lifestyle changes can come about. In my situation it was about 4 years ago that I threw in towel, when I had a perfectly good well paying job, a mortgage and no dependents at home. Life was good, or was it?

I may have been 50 but I was not feeling like the new 30, more like the old 70 in my minds eye. At the same time single life was starting to shout back at me, to follow my dreams while I could and had no one immediately to answer to.

Employment for the 50 Plus, Really?

Sorry for the disillusionment that there is going to jobs just lining up out there for those of you who are mature, have experience and are reliable. Where in all honesty, they want someone young and vibrant with a lot of years left in them.

Once you are over 50, you are already set in your ways and therefore it is hard for some employers to train you, and it is for that reason they are looking for someone a little younger. Although…

You are generally more reliable. You don’t need days off for sick children and you have a tendency to turn up on time as you only have yourself to organize in the mornings, not a whole family before you walk out the door.

I am sure that employers weigh all these odds up when they decide to recruit someone new. There had also come a time that my own employer had, in my eyes, started to employ people who were too old the position being applied for, but we need reliable and that is what we got.

Online Jobs for Women Over 50 Work Online Application

In all reality a lot of the opportunities out there come down to experience and education, and if you are anything like me, you lack the latter. Although, I am now self-taught in a lot of areas, it does not count for much on a Curriculum Vitae (CV) when looking for, what I call a decent job.

Working online in the comfort of my own home, the Pajama life as I liked to call it back then, was what was calling my name to come join it… It was becoming more and more of a need than a want as I was becoming tired of the demands of a 9-5 everyday job.

Then the search began… the WAHM slogans were starting back then, and I already felt out of sync as mine had just finished school and were out working. I was not feeling like a work at home mom (mum). Was feeling more like a WAHG, Work at Home Grandma, nonetheless, my adventure began.

I worked my tail of looking for a solution to my problem that would work for me in my pursuit of a Legitimate Online Income with little to no set-up cost.

What Online Jobs for Women Over 50 Are There?

Honestly, the thought of going out there and doing it and actually doing it are two entirely different things. Anyway, what on earth is there out there for women 50plus

As you can see here are just a few opportunities that are out there waiting for you to snap them up. By the time you get to 50 you have so much knowledge under your belt. You will be full of interests and you of course will have hobbies and talents that the rest of us have no idea exist.

It’s these talents and interests that you can used to define a niche to develop an online business or used to follow up with that online dream job you have thought about to free up your time by working at home.

My Pot of Gold

In time, I found my pot of Gold, and my rainbow was Wealthy Affiliate. Importunately I did not find it overnight. Prior to Wealthy Affiliate entering my life, I had trialed a few get-rich-quick set-ups that just kept wanting more money for up sells for you to be able to make any money.

I also joined a membership or two to start gathering information and learn from others who were succeeding and mimic them, or so I thought. I found that so many out there were teaching Black Hat marketing, which was against my better judgment for business morals and I swayed away from.

So, Wealthy Affiliate had everything I had been looking for FREE, and MORE. Even better yet, it was White Hat marketing, which suited me right off the bat. What an education and training university, a web hosting service and social community, all wrapped up into one.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I learned how to build a solid ‘online’ foundation with evergreen products. Minimal upkeep is required when you do it right, and I not only have Wealthy Affiliate to thank, but also my mindset, to put all my knowledge to good use and build this website you are visiting today.

For me it was a win, win, situation, as it is with over 2 million others who have joined in the 15 years they have been online so far. For you standing at the crossroad, decisions to be made, don’t let the one that you thought too long about get away.

Wealthy Affiliate my #1 recommendation Sign Up

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate, take the time to learn, I will help you… username Nakijo, I will personally assist you in any way I can to help you achieve your legitimate online income of choice.

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  1. You are absolutely right! Women after 50 are the ones who start to have the freedom, the maturity and the wisdom to make a great contribution from home. I don’t believe in retirement, it puts your mind in the graveyard. Great encouraging post! 🙂
    I will check out your other blog about making money online, that is my passion and purpose too. All the best, Paula

    • Thank you for your comment Paula, and positive words of encouragement.

      I am so with you on that, and there are so many of us on the same page nowadays. Life is too short, so I am living my retirement on a daily basis.

      Oh, and as for making money online. Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate choice for building an online presence and platform to work with. It is truly amazing.


  2. Thank you for sharing buddy, I am a blogger as well and I wanted to take some more extra certification courses to upgrade my knowledge of content creation. Thank God I read your blog a while ago that got me to the course that made me to who I am today.


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