Feathering My Empty Nest- A Fresh Start & Lifestyle Choice

Feathering My Empty Nest – A Fresh Start & Lifestyle Choice; with being a single parent in my children’s’ later teenage years, it became apparent that as they started to fly the coop, that I would be at home alone in the very near future.

Feathering My Empty Nest Vacancy
Initially, the thought was awe-inspiring but in reality… the house was empty! This emptiness did not get to set in for long as they just kept coming back for visits and meals for the first few years. Today’s “boomerang generation” certainly lived up to their name in my home.

Mind you it “cut both ways”, with a “you scratch my back” as I needed a little help with paying the mortgage on my wage, I figured it might as well have been a family member or friend instead of-of a total  stranger, as a boarder. There were pros and cons with this, as you can well imagine if you have not already experienced this phenomenon yourself.

This, in turn, was not a long-term arrangement and over time, they stop returning, then what?

What to do With my Increased Spare Time

Knowing that the time was approaching I was not going to leave anything to chance and needed a plan… That is who I am. And not just financial but for me emotionally as a single parent and an empty nest on the horizon.

As it panned out, I was one of those parents who was going through the empty nest process, I managed my emptiness by pursuing my own hobbies and interests in my increased spare time.

My main hobby being, sewing and my main interest for a while now has been Internet Marketing. So, I was eventually on the adventure to combine the two, but I was in paid employment from which I needed the income for. But I also needed time to make this adventure happen, which I realized I was about to have.

Where was I going to Feather my Empty Nest?

Moving along in my plans, I realized that I wanted the freedom to take my business with me as I did a bit more travel. Being the single empty nester had its downsides. If I wanted a roof over my head I needed an income. Not like most I worked with, took it for granted as they were the secondary income in the household. They did not NEED the income as much as myself.

I noticed how differently I was starting to think as the reality of being on my own in this large 4 bedroom nest became apparent, along with its mortgage to match, I decided it was time to relocate my nest and perhaps even make it mobile.

With this decision, so did my journey with Wealthy Affiliate University, where I am continually learning how to grow my online business while enjoying my lifestyle choice as an empty nester.

When did I make it Happen

To start the ball rolling I needed to physically quit my paid employment. With this decision came selling the oversized house, leaving my future options open, along with  my eyes, to see where my new nest was to be located.

It was in September 2015 when I resigned from my position at the Bank, but one I have never looked back on. Then the house did not sell according to plan, but it sold. July 2016, I started feathering my empty nest in its new location, which far exceeded ALL expectation, both physically, location and financially. It covers ALL my requirements in a new nest.

Why did I Take so Long to Make a Start!

Time is irrelevant! Everything happens for a reason and when it is predestined to. I have learned to be patient and allow things to happen naturally and at a speed that works for my lifestyle.

I work every day on my lifestyle, which is my hobby and my interests all in one. Working my own hours is something I have dreamed about for a very long time.

Stumbling across Wealthy Affiliate University has made this possible, in a stress-free, affordable environment, with the most amazing support has made it possible for me to pursue my dream and make it happen.

Yes, I was a bit slow in starting, but ALL the amazing knowledge became a little overwhelming at first. Once I got my head around it, well, plain sailing ever since.

Who is Helping me Feather my Empty Nest?

Getting to where I am today with building this website, and learning what I know to grow my own business is all because of Wealthy Affiliate, the most legitimate way to make an online income.

If you too have a hobby or an interest, and yes I am assuming you are an Empty Nester if you have read this far, then come join me, with a free trial, on me!

A Wealthy Affiliate Membership Free Trial

If this is an avenue you want to pursue then I will meet you there and guide you through your courses if your require. You need not be alone throughout your journey either. It’s bad enough your nest is empty, let alone your network.

Still not sure, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here to find out more about my #1 recommendation for starting your online business.

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8 thoughts on “Feathering My Empty Nest- A Fresh Start & Lifestyle Choice”

    • Thank you Paula, it has been an interesting journey, but one I am so glad I took. I am looking forward to next year and sharing my creations… both excited and nervous, but I could not be happier!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I just sometimes can’t allow things to happen naturally and want to control it as much as possible. I just started an online business 2-3 months ago. Do you think that is it even possible for online based business?

    • Hi Alaba
      As with everything in life, it is predestined. Unfortunately, we get impatient or we just can’t quite understand the route that we have been put on, but everything happens for a reason.

      And yes I do think it is possible to make money with an online home based business, with the right niche and dedication. 2-3 months is too early tat replacing your income, but a steady flow should start soon as long as you are continually adding NEW valuable content for the search engines. SEO is you best friend in that respect.

      All the best with your success, you can achieve, you just need to believe!


    • Hey Dawn

      Yes but what a wonderful journey it has been, I would not trade it for the world. It has made and moulded me to who I am today, learning all the way.

      Thank you for your support 🙂


  2. Awesome for you! Nothing feels more motivating and empowering than making that ultimate decision to just make a change—a leap of faith, so to speak. It’s always scary at first, but so refreshing after the fact. I’ve made a few choices like that myself the past few years.

    I’ve yet to regret a single one, I’m happy to say. Since I make the choice to press forward and to move out of the rut I fell into, my life has literally changed for the better.

    • Hi Dawn

      Thank you for sharing, sounded like I had written it lol
      My life was so the same and I am pleased you have had the same positive result that I have had. No looking back and I have never been healthier or happier. So much good has come out of my ‘Leap of faith’… as yes it was scary at the time.

      All the best with your direction also.



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