Work From Home Opportunities

Work From Home Opportunites

Are you Looking for Work From Home Opportunities to Suit Your Lifestyle? 

Of course you are, or you would not have arrived here! With the availability of the world wide web you are not limited to being a local business owner, but you also have the opportunity to start and grow your own online business. There are many work from home opportunities available today to get you started with building your own business.

Why Work From Home?

Working online is a great option for those who are struggling to find a job in the physical world. This is especially true if you are just looking at escaping the hustle and bustle of the mundane 9 – 5 workday which is perceived to be the apparent norm according to society today.

For most work from home job opportunities, you will need a computer with an Internet connection and a can-do attitude. You will find that you don’t need to be an expert in any field to be able to secure a legitimate online income.

Although it has become more competitive online and to succeed you need to rank in Google, therefore “content” is what is paramount to achieving this. 

So, whether you are looking a part-time or full-time income opportunity the options are limitless. There is a world of opportunities out there waiting for you.

Do Your Research First!!!

Most legitimate sites won’t charge you to sign up. There are a few exceptions—such as membership to a legitimate job board, but if you’re not sure why you’re paying a fee, look elsewhere as you can start earning an income with spending any money. You need to find the legitimate work from home jobs. Beware of the ‘SCAMS’ out there!!!

Work From Home Opportunities Header

Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

Successful internet marketers who are earning an income from home are succeeding in one or more of the following areas:

and, more…

As you can see there are a lot of work from home opportunities out there for you to choose from. Realistically. though you will need to find something that you are passionate about, as this is going to be your daily focus from now on. If you haven’t got an interest in your choice, you will lose interest in time, guaranteed!

Physical Product vs Digital Product

Choosing between a physical product and a digital product is a matter of personal choice. Whether you are looking at wholesale products (do you have the storage facilities) or dropshipping, there is a lot to learn if these are unfamiliar to you.

Therefore, finding success stories in these areas are is a good place to start, getting a firsthand view of what is already working out there for people. Learn from those who are already achieving in the field you chose to make an income online. If you want to be successful mirror someone who is already achieving.

Earn While you Learn Online

Are you still lacking the confident to start any of the work from home opportunities available here? Do you still feel like you are lacking the knowledge to get started? Let me show you a way to make a legitimate online income from the comfort of your own home, with no money or Credit card…

I have been fortunate enough to find such a place and have been a member for over 4years where you will find the answers to all those questions, and more…

I would like to offer you the opportunity to “Earn while you Learn” in an amazing spam free community of people who are already achieving an online income and invite you to achieve the same… for no start up cost to you, it is FREE!

Check it out …

If you have any questions about Getting Started with a legitimate online income, I would love to help! Just leave them below! 🙂

I look forward to helping you!

Feathering My Empty Nest- A Fresh Start & Lifestyle Choice

Feathering My Empty Nest Vacancy

Feathering My Empty Nest – A Fresh Start & Lifestyle Choice; with being a single parent in my children’s’ later teenage years, it became apparent that as they started to fly the coop, that I would be at home alone in the very near future.

Feathering My Empty Nest Vacancy
Initially, the thought was awe-inspiring but in reality… the house was empty! This emptiness did not get to set in for long as they just kept coming back for visits and meals for the first few years. Today’s “boomerang generation” certainly lived up to their name in my home.

Mind you it “cut both ways”, with a “you scratch my back” as I needed a little help with paying the mortgage on my wage, I figured it might as well have been a family member or friend instead of-of a total  stranger, as a boarder. There were pros and cons with this, as you can well imagine if you have not already experienced this phenomenon yourself.

This, in turn, was not a long-term arrangement and over time, they stop returning, then what?

What to do With my Increased Spare Time

Knowing that the time was approaching I was not going to leave anything to chance and needed a plan… That is who I am. And not just financial but for me emotionally as a single parent and an empty nest on the horizon.

As it panned out, I was one of those parents who was going through the empty nest process, I managed my emptiness by pursuing my own hobbies and interests in my increased spare time.

My main hobby being, sewing and my main interest for a while now has been Internet Marketing. So, I was eventually on the adventure to combine the two, but I was in paid employment from which I needed the income for. But I also needed time to make this adventure happen, which I realized I was about to have.

Where was I going to Feather my Empty Nest?

Moving along in my plans, I realized that I wanted the freedom to take my business with me as I did a bit more travel. Being the single empty nester had its downsides. If I wanted a roof over my head I needed an income. Not like most I worked with, took it for granted as they were the secondary income in the household. They did not NEED the income as much as myself.

I noticed how differently I was starting to think as the reality of being on my own in this large 4 bedroom nest became apparent, along with its mortgage to match, I decided it was time to relocate my nest and perhaps even make it mobile.

With this decision, so did my journey with Wealthy Affiliate University, where I am continually learning how to grow my online business while enjoying my lifestyle choice as an empty nester.

When did I make it Happen

To start the ball rolling I needed to physically quit my paid employment. With this decision came selling the oversized house, leaving my future options open, along with  my eyes, to see where my new nest was to be located.

It was in September 2015 when I resigned from my position at the Bank, but one I have never looked back on. Then the house did not sell according to plan, but it sold. July 2016, I started feathering my empty nest in its new location, which far exceeded ALL expectation, both physically, location and financially. It covers ALL my requirements in a new nest.

Why did I Take so Long to Make a Start!

Time is irrelevant! Everything happens for a reason and when it is predestined to. I have learned to be patient and allow things to happen naturally and at a speed that works for my lifestyle.

I work every day on my lifestyle, which is my hobby and my interests all in one. Working my own hours is something I have dreamed about for a very long time.

Stumbling across Wealthy Affiliate University has made this possible, in a stress-free, affordable environment, with the most amazing support has made it possible for me to pursue my dream and make it happen.

Yes, I was a bit slow in starting, but ALL the amazing knowledge became a little overwhelming at first. Once I got my head around it, well, plain sailing ever since.

Who is Helping me Feather my Empty Nest?

Getting to where I am today with building this website, and learning what I know to grow my own business is all because of Wealthy Affiliate, the most legitimate way to make an online income.

If you too have a hobby or an interest, and yes I am assuming you are an Empty Nester if you have read this far, then come join me, with a free trial, on me!

A Wealthy Affiliate Membership Free Trial

If this is an avenue you want to pursue then I will meet you there and guide you through your courses if your require. You need not be alone throughout your journey either. It’s bad enough your nest is empty, let alone your network.

Still not sure, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here to find out more about my #1 recommendation for starting your online business.

Legitimate Online Income
JoAnne Adrian         Owner: Legitimate Online Income

Are You Ready for 2017

2017 is upon us

 As 2016 comes to a close, are you ready for 2017 I look back on 2016 to see what I have achieved in the past year and shift my focus on moving beyond the festivities and on to next years plans? I will be moving forth by utilizing the good qualities and behaviors I have learned from this year, multiplying them and using them for the betterment of the growth of my online business in 2017. I am already getting excited about sharing a year on from now, but in the meantime.

When I opened my emails today I got this quote from Zig Ziglar, who is quick to remind me that the end of the year is pending and a New Year thereafter, always looking forward. It resonated enough with me that I had a need to share in hope it strikes a note with your also.


With the New Year ahead and looking back did you manage to achieve last years resolution; or do you just not partake in such things? All this aside, we all have a list somewhere, whether we call it a New Year resolution and if we write it down or just subconsciously remember it. Either way, it is still a list, a bucket list is what I shall refer to it as for the duration of this article. After watching the movie “The Bucket List” many years ago, I refer to any list of things you wish to achieve in life as a Bucket List, it is just appropriate.



What Happened to Your 2016 Bucket List?

This is not a good time to be pulling your list out now, but to be honest, better late than never. If it was me who prompted you into looking into it then great, but act fast. Time is running out! With 2017 just a little over a month away, this is what a lot tend to do as the year has just flown past us, without even battering an eyelid. So, what was on that list anyway?

Was it one of the usual:

  • Lose Weight
  • Quit Smoking
  • Start Exercise/Gym/Walking
  • Get a New Job

or something a bit more unique and personal to you:

  • Meet New People
  • Reduce Debt
  • Increase Income
  • Become Self-employed
  • Start an Online Business

As you can see it could be absolutely anything, as it is your list and yours alone. I am not one for doing resolutions as I feel this is an ALL Year Round event and should not just be annual! In one way or another, we are taking responsibility for our lives and being accountable to ourselves for the growth and development of us as an individual, we owe ourselves that.

If for some reason my goals were not achieved on my list, I reaccess them, to find out why I didn’t and to whether it should remain on the list for next year, or forgotten about altogether as being unachievable or not longer practicable. Since I do not wish to drain my energy on the things that are not moving forward in life I don’t dwell any longer than need to with them.

A Bucket List for 2017?

So, moving forth to 2017, do you have a plan in place before you get there? If setting goals and writing lists is not your style, then how did Santa know all those years ago what you wanted for Christmas? It should not stop there, the dreams, the hope, and anticipation that it shall be delivered because you were good. I now apply this to life, putting it out there on my list to be delivered, when I am ready to receive rather than it being seasonal.add-heading-2-1

Setting Goals

If you wish to aspire and be successful in your own right, then you need to have goals. If this is something you already do then great, but if not, you need to start… Like NOW! 

Always start with the end in mind. Set a realistic time frame to achieve it, and if it is not working out, reassess your goals and tweak them if need be, even delete them if circumstances have changed and it is no longer applicable to your lifestyle.

By setting your goals you will have a far better chance of achieving your dreams. By being accountable to someone with your goals you will heighten your chance also, by being responsible for your own growth in life.objectives-1260139_1920


With the Close of 2016 Upon Us, Are you ready for 2017?

I have struggled with staying on track as I work from home and get a lot of interruptions from time to time. It has been mentioned to me that I should consider getting a mentor to assist me with my growth and development. Oh, man, have you seen the price of one? I am all for helping people grow their business but I could not justify the cost within my budget, although I kind of agreed that I needed someone to be accountable to. Other than ME!

I have found solace in that area of my life within the community of the Wealthy Affiliate University. They have the most amazing training programs to guide and help you stay on track. No, they are not going to come and personally kick your butt, although they will do everything within the community to keep you on track with your training for the future of your business, whether that be targeting a local or international market.

If this is something of interest to you then follow me with my journey at Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn more about my #1 recommendation below and we can grow our online businesses together.

How to Make Money Online at a Home in the Country

Start planning your life now and taking control of your future. Your future is now!

So, tell me, have you achieved your bucket list this year? And, What is new to next year’s list? I would love to know what you include on your list, please add them in the comment below.


How to Make Money Online at a Home in the Country

How to Make Money Online at a Home

Isolated From Civilization and Still Bringing in an Online Income. Are you looking for a way on how to make money online at a home in the country as I do? The one way that I have manages to bring in an income from the Internet is by making King and Queen size pillowcases and selling them on our local auction site, Trademe.

I have always looked at ways of making money online this is the first to have succeeded in giving me a sustainable income to be able to quit my day job and concentrate on growing my income further.

In the Beginning

Over the years I had looked into all sorts of ways to make money online at home in my pj’s, year I know, pretty lazy. But, it was the concept I was looking for, not the pajamas. In my search, I found things like drop shipping, wholesaling,  eBay, PLR & MRR etc, but these things were all too foreign to me. I knew that I needed to look into these things, do a bit of homework, but everywhere I looked they ALL wanted my money… I laughed, I had none and that is why I was looking at ways on how to make how to make money online at a home

What I did Buy, Try and Why?

Obviously, the price was a key factor. Also value for money. What was I getting as sometimes you get exactly what you pay for? SO initially I was looking for products I could sell on TradeMe. But they are very strict with a lot of their policies. So for starters, I could not sell eBooks or rewriteable CD’s, so all the PLR and MRR products were useless for here. I started with Hypnosis CD’s, when all of a sudden my auctions got pulled, they charged me to do so and I was in the red with no products to sell and a heap of CD’s I had made, as they were selling well, and I had nowhere to sell them.

Lesson learned! Check your Terms and Conditions before you get carried away with stocking up of a product you are unable to market.

How to Make Money Online at a Home in the Country

Wholesale or Dropship

Then, through Trademe I was looking for wholesale items. It was then that I found Salehoo. I had faith in the fact that this man who created it was from New Zealand, and if he could do it then so could I. His membership was affordable (this was a few years ago) so I joined. Lifetime membership, for a one off fee how could I go wrong. It was a ridiculously low price of about $37usd.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a channel I didn’t feel confident int and I really needed to buy the stock to have on hand, or drop ship. I did not have the funds for buying and I was not confident in drop shipping as it was my reputation with not seeing a product. I started the training and as it did not harvest me an income, I soon moved on to looking into other ideas, always knowing I had this membership to fall back on., if an when my confidence grew to try these methods.

Resell Rights Products

I also came across Surefire Wealth, I started with a free membership, but soon upgraded when they too had a lifetime Gold membership (which was the highest back then) for a relatively small fee. This gave me access to PLR and MMR products that I could give way and sell in their current form to get some mailing lists etc from my own website. Keep 100% of the profit, so I thought, and if only it was that easy!

Internet Marketing Communities/Universities

Chris Farrell Membership was next. I thought I would learn how to put all of this into perspective. and  I kinda did, but crikey, his membership, put AWeber converted from NZD, gosh that was a lot for monthly payments. Especially when I was not getting anything in return, like they say you will.

Next was Wealthy Affiliate my #1 Recommendation for learning how to make money online. No hype, no get rich quick scheme and a spam and scam, free environment. Which promises to give you the tools and information to succeed, the rest is up to you… Just like the real world, like duh!

They have provided me with all the tools and resources to achieve what I have today in Internet Marketing and creating their website. Pretty impressive! Not at impressive as their
I am not too sure what people expect. An instant get rich quick walk-through? An elevator to the top floor without putting in any money or effort? Well, if it was that easy, then we would all be doing it!How to Make Money Online at a Home

What Will You Find at Wealthy Affiliate

An Online Internet Marketing Community, with experienced helpers and a chat room, to ask for help available 24 hours a day and ME! I will forever be a member here for the community, the most up to date information and training on the internet today. With my membership, I get free hosting for 25 domains and 25 subdomains websites!

You will have access to all the tools and resources you need to build yourself a stable foundation for your online business that you can rinse and repeat time and time again. This is my current method and the one I will continue with. With a bit of work, commitment and a small investment, I am working full-time from home.

Find out more about Wealthy Affiliate and how to build your online business by reading my review…How to Make Money Online at a Home

How to Make Money Online at a Home in the Country?

How to Make Money Online at a Home in the Country


Have you had similar experiences on “How to Make Money Online at a Home in the Country”?  I would love to hear them. Please share them in the comments below, I would like to read about your journey.


How to Sell Handmade Products Online

How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Do you need to know how to sell handmade products online for marketing your professional homemade items? You find that you are full of homemade craft ideas and have no outlet for them? 

Whether you are a bit of an artist, photographer, dressmaker, candle maker or you create your own jewelry, you need somewhere to market your items once the interest in them stems further than your immediate family and friends.

To be at this stage with your products is admirable and is something you should be duly proud of. But to find an outlet for your homemade items that sell well within your immediate circle of friends, may not necessarily work at local markets or online. 

Hobby or Business?

Now you have made the decision to sell what you make, is it something you are planning on doing part-time or full-time? This was where I started. For me immediately, I knew it was going to be a “replace my income” situation. From there on in, that was my focus.

How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Local Market versus Internet Market

For me, I found it easier to test the local markets. A lot easier to discuss and observe customers and what they are interested in and what they are prepared to pay for quality Homemade items. The first thing I noticed was the amount of local talent here, it absolutely astounding!

The bonus for me was that there was nothing along the lines of what I doing. So, feeling content I  had found a little niche there, I went on my way. It was nearly a year on when I quit my day job to sew full time from home and do the market life… life was great! and better yet. People liked my work. 

Internet marketing has always been an interest of mine and one that I was also pursuing at that time, testing the water , while keeping expenses to a minimum. Although I was already following these two directions, another one presented itself from out of nowhere. Interesting how that happens…

Trademe auctions! It started off with a friend asking me to make a product that was just so expensive to buy. Simple enough, and I followed up. For me I check out online where we would buy locally here… Trademe is New Zealand’s local online auctions. I did not want to feel like I had overcharged them and checked the price of them and my competition online. 

I realized I had a little niche and decided to test the waters and loaded a couple of auctions. That is when it all started. Nearly a year on and there has been no looking back and a steady flow of sales ever since.How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Physical versus Digital Product

This was my next transition and where I am at today while still selling products on Trademe and attending a few local markets. But, it is very laborious work. It is also not as mobile as I would like it to be, as I can only make my product at my place. I wouldn’t be able to take it on a Cruise like I could a digital product, with my laptop lifestyle. 

This will be dependent on you and the direction you wish to move with your products, and whether it is a hobby or a business.How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Set up Costs

Gosh, looking back I can now see how much it cost me to set up to got to local outdoor markets. I stepped into it blind as I just wanted to do, and did!That was two years ago. But, unless ALL your markets are indoors, you will need some equipment to get you setup.

My setup costs included:

  • Gazebo
  • Fold up tables
  • Table cloths (bed sheets are cheaper)
  • Clothing racks (borrowed till I bought my own)
  • Coat hangers
  • Props
  • Float
  • Mobile EFT POS (2months in)
  • Stall FEE

Oh, and I bought a trolley, as I found at most markets I could not park beside my stall and unload, and my product is very heavy. You need to take this into consideration when packing for carrying. And don’t forget to pack your lunch and a drink, or that will be your first expense of the day.setup-cost

How to Sell Handmade Items Online

Wow, there are a few options available here. It’s a bit like setting up for a local one in some respects accept you aren’t hauling your product all around the countryside. First, you need to decide if you want to list it on an auction site or have an e-commerce store. 

First, you need to decide if you want to list it on an auction site or have an e-commerce store. With an Auction site, you just need to decide which one works best for you . Check the fees, each website is different. You also need to confirm this is a viable way to move your product, especially by the time you price it up with postage on top. Sometimes this and the fees can outprice your item. 

  • eBay
  • Trademe

You will find there are a lot of turnkey eCommerce store options available. Most you will need to pay for but there are free ones available, but you get what you pay for. 

  • Shopify
  • Wix

There are also eCommerce marketplace platforms, which have fees attributed to loading/selling. Always check T & C’s and know what you are agreeing to.

  • Etsy
  • Felt

And let’s not forget Social Media as this could be what works best for you keeping your overheads to a bare minimum. You just need to work out your method of payment. Most tend to Internet Bank Transfer. But if you are not comfortable with that then  you may have to consider joining Pay Pal to take payments.

How to Sell Handmade Products Online

Handmade Crafts Ideas

As you venture more into selling your homemade products, you will also want to increase what you do to keep your product fresh and new for returns customers. My friends are pretty quick off the mark when it comes to tagging me in ideas on facebook, which is great. Otherwise, Pinterest is where I go to feed my creativity.

Pinterest pretty much covers everything you could possibly be looking for. It has so many amazing ideas for homemade items that sell well. Just pop it into the search bar there… couldn’t be any simpler. Oh, the only problem I personally have is that sometimes you have to click through so many links to get to a website you were hoping to land on in one click. All the same, it is where I get a lot of visual ideas from to test on my local market.

Create Your Own Website for Your Handmade Crafts Ideas

Why don’t you build yourself a website and sell your products on it? You could also sell other peoples products on it to supplement your income that way also. With creating your own website you open up a whole new world of income opportunities. 

This is what I have done, “WITH NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE” and I did not have to spend any money or give my credit card details either. I know, sounds too good to be true, but it is! Funny thing is that it doesn’t stop there. It is also a learning platform and community that gives you access to building yourself a free website for your business, and MORE... at Wealthy Affiliate University.

In Summary: How to Sell Handmade Products Online

All in all, test the waters as you would with anything else in your life. Trial things and see what works for you and your product. Having checked your competition, decided what makes yours better than theirs and why should they now buy from you? As this will be your unique sell point (USP) which is vital to have for the growth of your product and/ or maintenance of sales.

Once you have your product and preferred method of selling it is time to move forth and grow your business.

If you would like to build your own website for your online sales? Wealthy Affiliate Universtiy is the best platform to do so, Whether you are an expert or a beginner. You will find everything yo need to get you online ready for your customers. Check out my #1 Recommendation

How to Sell Handmade Items Online

I hope you found this article on How to Sell Handmade Products Online”  helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I am here to help you



The Best Black Friday Deal Online

The Best Black Friday Deal Online

As Black Friday approaches, businesses are gearing up for record sales. With the Black Friday ads popping up all over the place  it won’t be hard to spot the best black Friday deal online this year.

Now is the time to get prepared for Wealthy Affiliates campaign of the year “Black Friday”!  I am excited to be offering you the black Friday special available once per year, and 2016 is no exception with value for money. Keep reading to find out more.

But for me, it was a little confusing. All this talk about Black Friday Specials. And on 25th November? Like, what the heck? I was thinking! I am from New Zealand (NZ), and accordingly, Black Friday to me is Friday 13th!

What is Black Friday About?

So off to Google I went and good ole Wikipedia was kind enough to clear things up for me, as I wanted to know when the “Official Black Friday” is. As the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas, it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

I did continue to scroll down and found NZ under ‘Other Countries’ and, Black Friday started picking up in New Zealand about 2013. In 2015, major retailers such as offered Black Friday sales. It was all new to me.The Best Black Friday Deal Online

When is Black Friday?

It is the Friday after Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Huge sales ALL over the US and not limited to:

  • Amazon Black Friday Sales
  • Walmart Black Friday Sales
  • Target Black Friday Sales
  • Amazon BlackFriday / Thanksgiving Sales
  • Sears Black Friday Specials

Black Friday ads start early as businesses want to be ahead of the game and offering too good to be true prices to get the customers to their store, obviously. Queuing starts long before shops open, for the very best of bargains for those who are prepared to go to these extremes.

While others tend to sway to the online shopping arena to avoid queuing at all cost.

The Best Black Friday Deal Online

What is Black Friday the 13th

The number 13 has long been regarded as an unlucky day in Western Superstition according to Wikipedia. It also attributes the superstition to the 13 people who attended the last supper. It occurs when the 13th day of the month when it falls on a Friday.

Black Friday Specials

Black Friday Specials were brought to my attention last year. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate University where I have learned how to build my website and my online business, I have also learned about the value of the savings available, as a result of buying at this particular time of the year. 

It’s hardly a superstition after all. Although I do promise you one thing I know for sure, no crystal ball needed here: If you don’t seize the opportunity to join now, you will regret it!

The Best Black Friday Deal Online

This truly is insane when you put it into perspective… as Wealthy Affiliate is offering “The Best Black Friday Deal Online” this year!

From the days of November 25th – November 28th, you will be able to get a yearly membership for ONLY $299 if you are either a monthly or a Starter member. Yes, you had better believe this. It is a massive 49% discount on the normal monthly membership price!

And, when we break it down, it will only cost you $0.82 per day to run a business of any level/size online!

To put into perspective check out my Wealthy Affiliate review , to get an understanding of the standard pricing, outside of the Official Black Friday Specials.


The Best Black Friday Deal Online

How Long do the Sales Last for Black Friday?

No time to delay! Don’t miss out. Bookmark me today to save your spot now!

If you have any questions or just need some clarification, please ask below int he comments. I am here to help you succeed in your endeavors 🙂


How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Staying on Track When You Work From Home and Live Alone – Being Accountable, But To Who?

Ever since the children left home and are no longer dependent on me for immediate support. Freedom is an unusual thing to adjust to when you have never had it! So, it was time for me to learn how to work from home and stay on track.

The struggle was all too real when you live on your own and you work from home. Who are you accountable to other than yourself, as it is so easy to stray and fall off the beaten track. I for one know this is something that I struggle with.

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Setting Some Goals

Life had definitely presented some challenges along the way but nothing could prepare me for living on my own and my children no longer being in need of me as they were now adults themselves.

A few years have passed since then. I also quit my day job to follow my dream and work from home, online, creating a passive income so I could finally travel. See, the world! As I was a young Mum and missed out on the worldly opportunities as a result, but would not replace what I had.

I had my first step outside of New Zealand a year ago now, funny, just looked at the date on the calendar and realized it was today that my daughter and I made our maiden voyage to Australia, to board a 10-day cruise around the Pacific Islands with family. Tick that off my bucket list but now want I more.

I am building my foundation at this stage in life. Apply myself to my online growth so I can go and see what I want to see when I want to see it. To not only free up my time but to give me the finance to be able to achieve this.

An online business such as this will enable me to set my business on autopilot while I am away and be reassured that I am making money while cruising the world. While taking photos and checking in on my travels when I can. 

Where I Want to be

After having a taste for this for the first time in my life. After a 10-day family cruise and I have decided I want more, wouldn’t you?

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Carnival Legend  – Lifou Island

How to work from home and stay on track

On a Cruise with my feet up absorbing the sun.

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

On-board daily entertainment


Fun for the family

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Exploring new countries

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track

Food art – amazing!

So, How am I Going to Achieve That?

Wealthy Affiliate of course! Where else? My #1 recommendation!

I have found the tools, resources, training and support at Wealthy Affiliate University. My online learning platform. I am working through their Bootcamp at the present, learning new things, growing my website and gaining confidence as I go along.

It can be so easy to get distracted in my environment, though. I live in the middle of nowhere, no cell phone coverage but fortunate enough to have the internet to build my business, without interruption.

There are of course pros and cons to this. As you can well imagine, I can drift off course too easily, and I do. It’s the writing that slows me down . It’s what to write about? Where to start? But, once I start I am usually on a role.

How to Get Started?

I realized with all I was learning through Wealthy Affiliate and fellow members in chat, yeah I know me in chat? You had better believe it. That I needed to be doing more than what I was. I had hit a rut of where to from here with my posts.

Finding a way to fix this was paramount to the growth of my website, and now was a good time to start. Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a little scary but the growth from it has been unbelievable. Just little steps, but it is happening.

How to Work From Home and Stay on Track?

Accountability is what I needed. Not a mentor as such. Just someone to check in with from time to time. Just to have that feeling of someone watching over me to keep me on track. Then a funny thing happened. Training was created! I can now thank a fellow member at Wealthy Affiliate for creating some training which is designed for me to apply and grow my business.

As of today

I am accountable for posting an article a day!

Make a start to achieving your dreams. Set your goals today. Become accountable and join me at Wealthy Affiliate today. If you have any unanswered questions please ask in the comments below, I am here to help.





How to Create a Blog to Make Money With WordPress

How to Create a Blog to Make Money With WordPress

How to Create a Blog to Make Money with WordPress Express. It Could not be Easier nowadays with a number of available resources at hand. People are finding many ways to make money online by blogging. To create a blog to make money with is not as difficult as is has been in the past. You can do so without the need to know coding with WordPress.

When it comes to choosing a lifestyle-friendly business, it appears that blogging has it all. Have the freedom to work from home, while you can focus on a topic of interest and share your creative talents with the world.

Keep reading to find out how to create a blog to make money with WordPress and access to your Free trial below.

How to Get Started?

With the Wealthy Affiliate University, you could have a Blog online within the next 30 minutes, where you can test it out for Free. You will find it so easy following the instructions as well as a community to support you 24/7 through live chat.

You also have the option of building your blog with with a Free option as well as paid upgrades available.

As with anything else I recommend, I also suggest you do your research! Compare and see which is the best for your circumstances.

The Benefits of Having a Paid Blog vs a Free Blog

As I have already covered you can get your Blog set up for Free, but is this the way you need to go? You can get free memberships and blogs, but they all seem to come at a cost of some type. Either, it is a subdomain name, or it is riddled with Advertising. A Subdomain name won’t rank as well if it were your own Domain Name.

Get your own Domain name.  You will look far more professional, especially if you are intending to make money from your blog. 

Stand out from the crowd I say! Let your customers see you as a reputable place to purchase from. A Subdomain name can indicate to your customer, that your business can’t afford the cost of a Domain Name. This alone can say a lot about a website/blog owner.

If you are serious about an online business, spend the $13.99 for your won Domain Name and get hosting instead of settling for a Subdomain name which comes with your free options. You can’t expect to run a business without an overhead or two, but it is affordable.

You can’t expect to run a business without an overhead or two, but it is affordable.

Hosting options are available such as GoDaddy and NameCheap, and I welcome you to compare them, but if you are looking at the possibility of hosting more than one site then I would recommend looking at Wealthy Affiliate because it is the most economical option available for me. And more so if you purchase the annual membership. BUT, if that is a problem… Wealthy Affiliate allows you to pay on a monthly plan, which will help you to get you started, this being an option that other hosting companies DO NOT have available.

Give Them a Try & Compare for Yourself!

Seriously, at Wealthy Affiliate you can host anything up to 25 Custom Domains, as well as 25 Free SiteRubix Domains, and you get all this included in your membership

Say you start off with one website, but you soon want to start the second one or even more. Would you believe that you don’t have to pay any additional fees for your hosting? The only thing you will need to pay for thereafter is for the purchase of your domain names, which for your convenience are also included within the Wealthy Affiliate Community as a Premium Member.

To be honest I do not understand why anyone would bother getting hosting elsewhere… AND, on top of the hosting provided with Premium Membership, you have access to the absolutely awesome, ever so helpful community.

Can you Earn a Living with a Blog?

Yes, you can make an income from a Blog. But, to actually be able to earn an income from your Blog, you will need to monetize it. If you don’t have your own products to promote you will need to join an affiliate program/s. Also, you will need to get a Paypal account, if you have not already, for a way to be paid either as a merchant or an affiliate.

What are you Intending to Sell?

Obviously, you will need products to sell whether they are your own or and affiliate product. You will also need to decide on whether you wish to sell either digital or physical products or both.

Although I feel it goes without saying, that what you are selling needs to be in line with the subject/topic of your Blog. The inforamtion  they need to be relative to your niche. Therefore: If you have a keep fit Blog then you should be offering products to aid keeping fits such as exercise equipment, footwear/apparel or even healthy food and lifestyle. Not, items such as bbq’s, outdoor furniture or pet supplies.

When customers are finding your page through a keyword search, then they expect to find what they typed in on your page, as you do when you are a customer. SO always put yourself in your customer’s shoes when you are recommending products to them.

Where to Source your Products?

If you are not selling your own product, which I would not recommend for beginners, then you will need to source some products and suitable through an affiliate program which you will need to join, if you are not already a member. 

The most popular for physical products is Amazon. They have just about every niche available as long as they are available in your State or Country. But, If it is a digital product you are wanting to promote then you could use the likes of Clickbank, Commission Junction or ShareASale just to name the most popular ones.

Remembering this is just a guide, therefore I encourage you to do your own research. Another way to find other Affiliate programs is by going to Google, type in “your niche + affiliate program”. There you will have a range of programs to source from.

If you need to individually apply to join the Affiliate program, make sure you have a blog up, full of content. Some companies like to check the legitimacy of the website to confirm it is in sync with their products and reputation.

Sharing your Passion Comes Naturally!

A Blog is a personal online log of events, based on something that you are interested in. By writing about, and sharing your passion you should not have a problem keeping your content fresh, original and up to date.

It NEEDS to be something that you are passionate about or interested in learning about. It needs to be something to keep you driven. You will always have ideas and find that once you start typing it will just flow. Google likes content!

How to Create a Blog to Make Money With WordPress – Express?

To be perfectly frank, it is EASY!

  • It is so easy!
  • If I can build this blog then so can you!
  • And it is affordable!
  • You can have a live blog within minutes (excluding content)

Let me show you where you too could have your own WordPress Blog for low to no cost. 

Now you are ready to start blogging!

Now I know you are an intelligent person, who is serious about creating a blog to earn an income.

So come and join me now! I can show you ‘How to Create a Blog to Make Money with WordPress Express’, with your Free trial!

And Please, If you know of an easier, more cost-effective way than Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress Express, please let me know in the comments below.

Work From Home – Opportunities Like This Would not Happen if I Had a Paid Job!

Work From Home Opportunities – Life Could not be Better… This is why I work from home. Opportunities like today would not have arisen with a day job. I am enjoying the freedom of my time to plan as I please while earning an online passive income from home.

Since I moved to the country in the middle of winter, and I have no gardens in place, I have been hoping for the opportunity to get my vegetable garden up and running. I have found that digging is not as easy as it used to be a few years back so I have been looking at other ways to make my gardening easier without sacrificing my organic approach and losing the quality of my produce.

Being a rental property, I was a bit unsure about getting too carried away as well as reminding myself that it is only me. I have already got a few plants around the perimeter of the house but still need more.

Then came the research for pallet gardening for my vegetables . I started looking for pallet garden projects to see how I could use what I have to make some sort of garden or raised bed.

My Pallet Garden was Created

Work From Home Opportunities
My Pallet of choice – good sized holes in it.


Work From Home Opportunities
I covered the bottom with weed mat


Work From Home Opportunities
Flipped it over to fold the edges over on top encasing the sides.


Work From Home Opportunities
I mounted my pallet upright in the center of my base pallet and braced it.


Work From Home Opportunities
Next, I need to line it to plant in but was happy to have made two of these today.

It was great to be able to extend my creativity to my yard and have some time away from my online business, not only do I get some fresh air but look forward to some fresh vegetable harvesting in a few months time.

How to Find Work From Home Opportunities

If you too are seeking the versatility of flexible hours to live your dream with a passive income? If so, let me show you how.

You can find work from home opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate. Come join me NOW for your opportunity to make that start.

If you have any other unanswered questions, please ask in the comments below and I will get back to you . I am here to help!


What is Affiliate Marketing About and How To Start?

What is Affiliate Marketing About and How To Start a Legitimate Online Income? First, you need a website. This is going to be critical to making money online, as you need a foundation to build your niche on.

This will be your core to building revenue within your niche and needs to be sturdy and steadfast, a bit like the house you are living in.  It took me a while to work it out  how it works and I will try to explain briefly what is affiliate marketing about and how to start with it within your online business. Once you know how, to make money online, you could soon be receiving some revenue from it.

You Will Need an Audience

What is Affiliate Marketing About and How To Start AudienceSo, your goal will be to get yourself ranked in Google, then people will click on your website. As you will have products on your websites like Amazon, Clickbank or even Wealthy Affiliate, then they need to do is click on a link on your website to take them on to buy at their website, and then, you get paid a commission.

Every day people are typing in search terms (keywords) into search engines. You need to identify who those people are and what they are looking for.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So, simply put, affiliate marketing is a way for you (the affiliate) to earn a commission for recommending a product/s or services to your friends and audience. Whereby selling those products or services offered, it gives you the opportunity to earn a commission on someone else’s product.

Having that convenience of not having to store products let alone having to find the finance upfront to purchase them in advance, giving you the opportunity to start with no overheads, accept your website. If you are looking at selling your own products, affiliate products give you the opportunity to supplement them enabling you to expand on your niche in an area that you are either unable to fulfill yourself or chose not to for whatever reason.

With a huge number of Affiliate programs available Worldwide to choose from, it is not hard to find a niche (passion) which has an Affiliate program for you to join and promote.

It’s a great way to supplement your income from the convenience of your own home. Fortunately for everyone, it is also easy to become an affiliate for companies that have become household names.

Find a Product You Want to Promote

I suggest you start off by selling something that your know about or are familiar with, this is called “Choosing your Niche” Ideally it should be a passion of yours or something that represents your current interests or your occupation.

For example, if you are into health and fitness, it makes more sense to sell supplements and fitness equipment than it does to sell Computer consoles and games.

You need a website that is relevant t your niche. Before you become an affiliate, many companies will want to know your URL, as they want to ensure that the content of your website does not jeopardize the company’s reputation in any way.

Nowadays it is so easy to start a website with WordPress and it is not hard to set up. If you are looking at a Free and easy way to do this with tutorials and online help then fill your details in here to do so and I will be happy to assist you.

Once you have your foundation of your website up and running, you will have one opportunity and one revenue flow in which you can generate income from the internet.

Choosing an Affiliate Program?

Then you will need to find an affiliate program that offers products or services in your chosen niche.

Amazon is known to sell just about EVERYTHING, so it is very likely that you will find products associated to your niche at Amazon. It is a good place to start if you are looking at Affiliate Marketing, but you will find their commission is relatively low.

ShareASale is another great option as it allows you to become and Affiliate companies that are already known to you.

Clickbank is an option that a lot of Affiliate Marketers tend to like because the commissions from the companies on that site can be very lucrative.

Sign Up For an Affiliate Program

It is time to join that affiliate program which is normally free to join. Be wary if you are being asked for your credit card details just to become an affiliate. This is a sign you could be getting scammed! But, this isn’t always the case. You will find most reputable companies that offer affiliate programs allow you to become an affiliate free of charge.

Then you will need to provide a payment method. You will be asked to provide either your bank account details or your PayPal email address. Bearing in mind, this is to allow the company to pay you the commission you earned with successful sales. This is perfectly safe as they are not enabling them to deduct from you.

In some cases, you will be asked for the URL of your website. You will then be given a special link that allows the merchant to track the people who clicked your link and know who to pay.

How do You Get Paid?

Add Affiliate links throughout your content. That way, when people click on the link, they will be taken to the Merchants site to buy it, and if they buy then you will get paid the commission for that product. 

It will depend on who you are affiliating through as to how they pay. Most use Pay Pal as above.

The good news is that Merchants make it easy to get links to their site. The way that you get those links will vary from company to company, but generally it is easy to find a link to the product/s you are looking at selling.

Include visual ads into your sidebar or throughout your content. Your website will need a bit of eye candy and you will find that most websites have a sidebar. It is a great place to include your visual ads which are relevant to your niche. But, do not overdo it! Too many links can be very off-putting to visitors.

You will find that companies with affiliate programs make it very easy for you, the affiliate,  to obtain the images and links you need to get your visitors back to their sites. It’s almost always just as easy as copying and pasting a code into your sidebar/widget.

Producing Content Relevant to Your Niche

As you have possibly already realized, you want people to keep revisiting your website, don’t you? And that doesn’t necessarily happen naturally, unless you have interesting, fresh content. You need to keep on producing “original” content that is of value to your visitors on a regular basis.

As you know through your own experience, good content keeps visitors coming back! And what that means for you, is that they may eventually click on your affiliate links. They chose to purchase something through you.

Therefore, use your content to include affiliate links as previously mentioned. The law of averages eventually kicks in and you’ll start selling. The more content you produce, the more affiliate links you can have.

Once you have achieved this you may wish to Expand your business. You should always be striving for growth, otherwise, your business will shrink and you could loose you online following.

Always be on the lookout for new products that you think you could market online and benefit your niche. Keep browsing through various affiliate sites looking for new businesses that have recently welcomed affiliates. Just your luck they could be offering something you think you can market well, if so, partner up with them.What is Affiliate Marketing About

Access Your Social Media

It is essential you keep promoting your business constantly online. Use social media to do so. Create that email list if you haven’t already got one. Also, check out other channels to promote your business to. Keep them coming back, looking for great deals on the products and services that you are marketing.

Summing up on What is Affiliate Marketing About and How To Start a Legitimate Online Income..

My #1 Recommendation for Affiliate Marketing with amazing affiliate incentives is Wealthy Affiliate University. Not only is it an affiliate program, with benefits, the commission is worth the work!

If this sounds like you, check it out here for free and join the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

If things still aren’t quite making sense, please ask and leave me a message as I am here to help.