Amazon Affiliate Program Review

This Amazon Affiliate Program review will cover everything you need to know about the Amazon Affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates and how to become an Amazon Affiliate.

Let’s take a look and see what all the fuss is about and what attracts people to become Amazon affiliates. Is it a viable legitimate online income opportunity?

In this review, I will not only cover why I have not been a member of the Amazon affiliate program until now, as well as whether I would recommend you take the time to join Amazon Associates.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon affiliate program, Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program. It is Free for website owners and bloggers to join and promote.

As an Amazon Associate, you will have access to links to promote, generate sales and collect a small fee in return.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

To become an Amazon Associate you will need to reside in an approved country. Their very in-depth signup process will not allow you to proceed if you can not provide the information they require partnering with you.

Depending on the country you live into the paperwork and tax details that Amazon needs to sign up. Upon approval to their affiliate program, if you are still not too sure on how to go about getting your affiliate links and banners and how to embed them into your account, Amazon has their own training, help and support available for you to access.

Create a Website or Blog

The absolute best way to sell Amazon products is to promote their products on a website. The reason for this is that it is received as being more reputable, which means people are more inclined to buy from you.

I am assuming you have a passion of some sort or you actually already have an idea of the types of products you want to sell. Move forward with that idea and create a blog around it, do reviews on products people are searching for and you will have a winner.

In saying that, you really need to have a following or traffic before you start promoting Amazon, as they will close your account on you if you have no activity. So, it is a good idea to already have visitors to an existing website before you apply to become an Amazon Associate, is my advice and why I have only recently joined Amazon Associates myself.

Time to Find a Product on Amazon

As a member of Amazon Associates, you will have access to your affiliate central. This is where you will find all the tools, resources and banners, embedded with your affiliate link for you to copy and paste (embed) into your website or blog.

Find products relevant to your niche to promote and write up reviews on. You will find that by writing reviews on products will generate far more organic traffic than a mere article about it.

Amazon SiteStripe

With SiteStripe you can build your Amazon Associates links right from the Amazon page itself. Once you have enabled SiteStripe, it will appear at the top of every Amazon page, while providing quick and easy access for both building and sharing your links.

Now that you have your links sorted you can promote the product on your website or blog, with the intent of helping people and the possibility of generating a sale.

Sell the Product

As I have just finished explaining, you need to promote your products by doing reviews on them. In theory, it would be an ideal world if you have in fact bought and used the product, but if for some reason you have not, you can do a third-party review based on what others have said.

Also, it would be ideal for your site to already generating traffic, as mentioned earlier, for what now seems obvious reasons. If you are working with a new site, it will be a lot harder to generate organic SEO traffic, meaning you may need to invest some money in some paid advertising to get your website noticed and ranking to increase your sales potential.

Now assuming that you have sold a product, Amazon will ship the product directly to the customer. No need for you to handle any goods what so ever. This is one of the huge advantages of selling physical affiliate products online.

After your customers’ order has been finalized, then you get a commission paid to you for generating the sale. It is as easy as that… or so it seems.

What Can You Expect to Earn

This the one downside to selling physical affiliate products, the low payouts compared to digital affiliate products. But, the turnover is different and easier to sell because it is a physical product. You actually get to see something for your money. Customers are more inclined to spend on a product arriving in the post.

The following is a breakdown of the commissions you can expect to receive in accordance with the products you could be selling.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review Commission

Also with Amazon, just because someone landed on your site and clicked on an Amazon link for a small item like a lapel microphone for recording YouTube videos, could end up buying a big-ticket item, like a camera or a sewing machine, like I just happened to do last week.

Is Amazon Associates Worth Promoting?

Of course, Amazon products are worth promoting. Once you know what you are doing, by golly, the revenue potential is only limited by your imagination on what to promote next, always thinking evergreen products (products that remain fruitful for years).

Also, you can sell Amazon Associates products in conjunction with other affiliate programs on your website, as long as they are all the same niche. Don’t go selling digital cameras on an automatic toilet seat site, for example, they are not relative.

The biggest downside to Amazon Associates is their cookies only last for 24hours, which means that you will need to capture your sale within 24 hours of your customer landing on your page or risk that when they return it could be with someone else’s affiliate link.

There Is A Better Option Out There!

When I am talking about a better option, I am talking affiliate marketing, build your own website for free sort of better option. You can pop over to Wealthy Affiliate, sign up for free and get your first website for free as well.

YES, I am telling you that you can get started today, right now if you would like… you do not even need your credit card, so, no excuses!

If you don’t like it, it has cost you nothing to give it a go.

This is exactly how I started and how I created this website is with the training, guidance and community support encouraging me and me to them in return, to achieve our online goals.

Wealthy Affiliate my #1 recommendation Sign Up

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  1. Very insightful review, well done. I just recently started using the Amazon programme. Have you had any difficulties navigating the affiliate programme or do you find it relatively straight forward?

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for sharing. When I first started using the Amazon program, I was a little lost but did not take long at all to get eh grasp of it. I hope it is working out for you.


  2. Hello JoAnne and thank you for this information.

    I find this information very useful. It is well written and my understanding on Amazon Affiliate program is much better. I will mark this website in my favorite so I can come back to it when I need it.

    I think I will keep an eye on you and read more posts you will create in the future.

    Thank you

  3. Hi JoAnne,
    Thanks for your detailed review, I can’t believe how much information you’ve got into this article, it’s great!

    It seems much easier to have Amazon handling all the selling side with no need to deal with the payment and shipping details of selling physical products. The Amazon Sitestripe certainly looks easy to use.

    What about combining the Amazon Affiliate program with affiliate marketing? I’m new to this and only starting my research, so is that something that Wealthy Affiliate can help with?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi, Jo
    Thank you for this informative and helpful review of the Amazon affiliate program.
    Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers out there as they have a good reputation.
    I agree with you when you say the best way to promote Amazon products is to create a website. I think this is with all affiliate program for those who really want to build a long term business.
    Thankfully platform like Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for affiliate marketer as they not offer tools but also the best training in the industry.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh my you certainly know your stuff Sebastian, I could not have put it any better myself. Amazon is truly amazing for Affiliate Marketers and Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to build your website, so yet again, another win-win with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you for your words of wisdom.


  5. Your write up is very detailed and I really enjoyed, your highlight on how amazon affiliate work is very explanatory and the way you chip in wealthy affiliate is cool too. Thank you for this wonderful post it really made my day.

  6. Hi JoAnne,

    Thank you for this post, especially the breakdown of the different commission rates that Amazon pays. I agree that it’s very important to already have a high enough amount of traffic for a website promoting Amazon products. I learned some other useful information from this post, too!

    • You are welcome James. I am pleased it has been helpful to you.

      It appears that too many are too quick to rush out and pay for an autoresponder long before they actually have a use for it. there are enough free ones out there to choose from to get people started if they feel they must have one from the get-go. Otherwise, you are paying a monthly fee before you actually need one/

      Thanks for reading and your feedback.

  7. Hi JoAnne,

    Thank you for this post. I learned some useful information, including Amazon’s commissions breakdown, how long Amazon’s cookies last, and the importance of already having a well-established website before being an Amazon Associate.

    • Thank you,

      I am so excited for you. I would be so interested to know how you get on with it as I have been looking into FBA or Dropshipping as well as Affiliate. A lot to be gained with multiple streams of income.



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