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My name is JoAnne Adrian and I am a self-employed dressmaker, who has been searching for a way to make a legitimate income from home, here in New Zealand with low to now set up costs. I am now a few years into my journey since my nest has emptied and my life focus had changed along with it. Then my life in the Empty Nest, living off of selling products and ideas online had begun.

Where Did it ALL Begin?

I grew up in the small town of Eltham, in Taranaki before leaving school and venturing to Wellington where I soon had my 3 children at a young age. Before starting my family, I worked at a dry cleaner, learning the cleaning side of garments and properties of fabrics to back up what I had already learned at School.  From there I worked in small sewing factory fine tuning my skills on the machine and gaining more knowledge to be able to work from home, which is what I always wanted to do from an  early stage.

When my children were still preschoolers, I moved back to Eltham for a cheaper and quieter lifestyle for my children. More of a country lifestyle rather than the hustle and bustle of the city. From here I started selling some of my sewing products at the local markets and so it began… my local following!

I have looked at every opportunity to make money to give my children the best opportunities in life as I had left heir father shortly after moving back to Taranaki and brought them up on my own, and I learned to become resourceful.

Then the internet came…internet-42583_1280

I always believed there was a way to make money online…. but, SCAMS!!!

Who to believe?

Who is legitimate?


How do you know?

After YEARS, and YEARS, and YEARS of researching, trying and watching and learning. I hit dead end after dead end. My confidence was depleting. But I kept getting back on that horse every single time and  then I found Wealthy Affiliate and so the journey began… It is what it says it is!!!

As I was working a day job at the time I decided to look into this on a part time basis… A few months had passed and I was no further afield than I had been in the past. It felt like every time I talked to people about what I was up to they,managed to put doubt in my mind and I soon lost faith. As I was paying monthly for my membership it was not long before I did not keep up payments.

I continued at my job and I got more miserable as time went by, but I kept coming back to… wanting to be self-employed! also, what can I do on a shoestring? What am I capable of… And every time it came back to sewing and online marketing.

Initially, I decided to get back into my crafts, doing markets and selling online, as this was something I was comfortable with.  I continued to work while I sewed every opportunity I had to build up stock and my business, so I could quit my day job. Then in September 2015, it finally happened. I finished up work and focused on getting my house on the market for my next phase in life while sewing every spare moment I had.

But, it was time to sell up and move on… to start a new life in the country.Country living at the empty nest

So the time had come to sell up the Empty Nest and move to a new one, this was a hard one, but one that the children fully supported me on. Time to prepare the Empty Nest for a new family to feather up and make their home.

It took a while but I got there and have not looked back, still sewing for my markets and keeping up with my online auctions to keep finances afloat.

Unfortunately, this year I started to suffer from tennis elbow. Then I ended up with it in both arms… Forced into re-accessing my situation yet again… AND… remebering I had paid for an annual membership to Wealthy Affiliate (which I was not using!) With going through so much in my life in such a short time, and so many interruptions and negative input, I just could not get a sense of direction.  It was then I realized that I needed to get into taking action and pursuing my original dream of making money online, which in turn will reduce the physical work of doing markets, as I get older.

So this time round it is time to take action and instead of finding my own idea (niche) to market, I decided that Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp was the way to go…. And… took action!!!

To full fill my dream of working online and to combine it with my sewing abilities, time to share the knowledge. I am excited to share with the world what I am learning along the way, as I keep busy within my Empty Nest. It is all a mindset, and my lifestyle choice shows this.

My Empty Nest is Not so Empty Afterall!

Just when I thought I was alone in my online adventure! Not anymore, I have found both online and local support to aid me through all areas that I need support.

As my journey begins with sharing what I am learning and bringing the amazing Community of Wealthy Affiliate University to your attention, and to offer you a FREE Trial!

While still being new to all of this, I will enjoy working with you towards your online achievements also.

Please leave your comments and if I can help in any way, please ask 🙂

I look forward to helping you.

JoAnne Adrian
Owner: Legitimate Online Income


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